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Pisces Hermit Crab Spare Shells (instore Only)

Spare large hermit crab shells for when your crabby critter outgrows their old shell. Always ensure there are empty shells in your enclosure to allow growing crabs to upgrade.

Pisces Hermit Crab Spare Shells.

Spare large hermit crab shells for when your crabby critter outgrows their old shell. Always ensure there are empty shells in your enclosure to allow growing crabs to upgrade.

Shell Size Guide:

 Small  Medium  Large  Ex Large  Jumbo
 3.5 cm*  3.7 cm*  4.5 cm* 7 cm*  8 cm*

*Size Note: These measurements were taken from random individual shell samples. The actual shell you receive could vary drastically in size compared to these measurements. Therefore it's best to purchase these instore to be sure you get the right size for your crab.

About Hermit Crabs:

Pisces Land Hermit Crabs are one of the most popular and easy to care for pets available today. Pisces Hermit Crabs are very clean, and can become very friendly once they get to know you. Hermit Crabs tend to sleep during the day and play at night. The warmer their environment the more active they will be.

Housing: The best & easiest way to create a home for your Hermit Crab is to use an aquarium. Clean gravel, pebbles or sand are suitable for lining their home, which must be kept dry. Hermit Crabs love to climb and try to escape, so ensure you have a secure lid on the tank with plenty of air holes. Add driftwood, clean coral, mangrove roots and rocks to provide an entertaining and attractive environment.

Temperature & Humidity: The optimum temperature for a Hermit Crab is 30deg C. An appropriate heater must be purchased if the temperature will fall below 21 deg C. Humidity is of equal importance. In order to breathe, your hermit crabs lungs must be kept moist to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen.

If the atmosphere becomes too dry, your Hermit Crab will suffocate. Always keep plenty of fresh water in their bowl, this will ensure there is an adequate level of humidity for proper breathing.

Food: Hermit Crabs have a keen sense of smell and love a variation in their diet. Any fresh fruit, vegetables, cereals, fish flakes/ pellets can be used. Hermit Crabs are most active at night and this is the best time to feed them. Make sure any uneaten food is removed from their home daily.

Water: Water bowls should be changed daily, and de-chlorinated if possible. The water bowls should be big enough that the hermit crabs can submerge themselves if needed, but also needs to be shallow enough that they can get back out otherwise they will drown. They need two bowls of water; one containing freshwater for drinking, the other saltwater for bathing.

Shells: Extra shells should be kept in your hermit crab enclosure. They like to change shells from time to time especially when they moult. These shells should be a little larger than the ones they are currently living in.

Life Span: If well cared for your hermit crab should live for many years. Hermit Crabs will not breed in captivity so you don’t need to worry about any new additions.

Moulting Once or twice a year Hermit Crabs will moult. This is when they shed their outer skeleton and then grow a new one. It is very important not to touch the old exoskeleton, as your hermit crab will eat it later for extra nutrients. When your hermit crabs moult, it is necessary to leave them alone for 20-30 days as they need this time to grow their new skin and build up their tissues. If they are left for this period, they should emerge bigger than before and will be in search of a bigger new shell.

Handling: Whether they like to be handled or not depends on the crab. They can be taken out of their home but avoid putting them onto carpet which can be harmful to their health.

Losing limbs: Lost limbs will generally grow back when they moult. The most common cause of lost limbs is a result of another hermit crab trying to pull them out of their shell. This is a defensive behaviour. But they are designed to lose their limbs to survive an attack.

Land Hermit Crabs - $7 each from our Sydney Store - 56 Coronation Pde Enfield NSW 2136. 

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