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Cera Organic Fruit Fly Trap (COMPLETE)


Can be used in a range of crops. Attracts both male and female fruit fly. No insecticides used, ecologically safe. Minimal attractiveness to beneficial insects. Easy Traps installation.

Cera Organic Fruit Fly Trap (COMPLETE)

The CERA TRAP mass trapping system is an innovative, highly effective method to assist in the management of fruit fly infestations. CERA TRAP is a liquid food based attractant based on a specific protein formula developed exclusively by Bioiberica who is a leading pharmaceutical company based in Spain. The CERA TRAP® liquid attractant produces emissions of volatile compounds, which have a high attractiveness to adult fruit flies, especially females. As the fruit flies are attracted to the trap, they ultimately drown in the Cera Trap liquid.

  • Can be used in a range of crops.
  • Attracts both male and female fruit fly.
  • No insecticides used, ecologically safe.
  • Minimal attractiveness to beneficial insects.
  • Easy Traps installation.

Controls the following pests:

Mediterranean Fruit Fly: Ceratitis capitata, the Mediterranean fruit fly, or medfly for short, is a species of fruit fly capable of causing extensive damage to a wide range of fruit crops. It is native to the Mediterranean area, but has spread invasively to many parts of the world, including Australasia and North and South America. Adult medflies lay their eggs under the skins of fruit, particularly where the skin is already broken. The eggs hatch within three days, and the larvae develop inside the fruit. The adults have a limited ability to disperse, but the global fruit trade can transport infected fruit over thousands of miles.

Queensland Fruit Fly: Adult Queensland Fruit Fly is about 6 to 8 mm long and are reddish-brown coloured with yellow markings. Queensland Fruit Fly is most active in warm humid conditions and after rain. Queensland Fruit Fly might be seen walking on the undersides of leaves or on maturing fruit. They readily take flight if disturbed. The Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni) is a species of tephritid fruit fly native to Australia. Their larvae hatch in various fruit species, causing significant damage to crops.

Cera Trap is a highly effective liquid food based trapping system to assist in managing fruit fly populations. Cera Trap® contains no pesticides. The volatile compounds emitted by the trap are highly attractive to adult fruit flies with very little attractiveness to beneficial insects that may be in use.

About Cera Traps:

Cera Trap is recommended Mass Trapping System for Fruit Fly Management.

Fruit Flies are one of the world’s most destructive and difficult to control pests, and it is estimated that in Australia alone over 60,000 hectares of commercial cropping is under threat with cost to industry estimated to be more $50 Million annually.

CeraTrap is a specific bait for capturing Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis capitata).

CeraTrap is an effective and 100% ecological product for controlling Med fruit fly.

The evaporation of CeraTrap releases a series of volatile compounds, mostly amines and organic acids which attract the adult flies, especially females. CeraTrap is applied inside the trap (fly trap or bottles with holes) to facilitate the release of volatile components and trap the flies.

100% ecological solution
There are no insecticides used in the formulation, the formulation is organic.

No Residues
No hazard to operators and no withholding period.

Easy and economical to use
The traps are designed for easy installation and Cera Trap is formulated.

Sensitive to Beneficial Insects
Specifically formulated to reduce impact to beneficials.

How cera Traps Works:

Cera Trap contains a unique protein based liquid solution that is very attractive to both female and male fruit flies. Once the lid is removed from the bottle, the smell of the liquid lures the fruit flies into the specially designed trap. Unable to escape they remain in the trap and drown in the liquid.

The organic liquid contains no pesticides and will continue to work even after many flies have drowed in the liquid.

Works On:

The main crops affected by Ceratitis capitata are citrus fruits and fruit trees. Of these, the following species in particular:
Citrus fruits: Orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit.
Fruit trees: Peach, apricot, medlar, nectarine, cherry, plum, avocado, blueberry, fig, kaki, cherimoya, strawberry, pomegranate, kiwi, mango, apple, pear, quince, pineapple, banana, etc.


Queensland and Mediterranean Fruit Flies.Works on both sexes but targets females and breaks the breeding cycle.

Cera Trap® should be hung in trees when the fuit are small and still developing, before the flies start attacking the fruit. Ideally hang the traps when fruit reaches approximately one third of its final size.

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