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Envirosafe Fly Catcher Trap JUMBO


This fly trap includes a unique bait that will catch house flies, blow flies and a broad range of other species.

Envirosafe Fly Catcher Trap JUMBO

The EnviroSafeTM Fly Trap and attractant system is the result of years of intensive research to determine the most cost-effective and easy to use method of catching flies. the resulting design sets a new standard in fly-catching, representing the best value for money product on the market today.

Special Note: We have used this product at our enfield store and we can vouch for the fact that it does catch plently of flies.

A variety of outdoor applications

• Household • Dairies • Cattle yards • Stables • Poultry • Sheep stations • Packing sheds • Pet kennels • Barbeque areas


# Includes safe, non-toxic attractant, which flies can’t resist.

# Reduces fly problems outdoors.

# Pesticide free. Harmless to pets. Economical. Effective.

Easy to use

# Remove this label from trap.

# Empty attractant contents into a trap.

# Add approx. 600ml warm* water. (*not hot)

# Swirl to mix.

# Place trap in direct sunlight.

The facts about this system

Revolutionary    Not just a little better.

Economical Engineered for low cost and re-use.

Effective Out-catches other systems tested by several fold

- results guaranteed.

Scientific Exclusive Patent Pending attractant and trap.

Safe The attractant is a non-toxic, pesticide-free product made from Food Grade ingredients.

Easy to use Just add water!

Multi-species The system catches a broad range of fly species, including house and blowflies.


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