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Hemp Seed for Birds

Australian grown hemp seed is a high source of essential Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Great for breeding birds, chickens, racing birds or as a healthy supplement for pet birds. Great for chickens, finches, canaries, pigeons, budgies, and parrots etc.

Hemp Seed for Birds. 

Disclaimer: In-store prices may vary from online prices. This item is repackaged and sold in a clear bag. Multiples of the same bag size will be combined into one bag.

Australian Grown Hemp Seed is a high source of energy, protein and essential Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Great for breeding birds, chickens, racing birds or as a healthy supplement for pet birds. Great for chickens, finches, canaries, pigeons, budgies, and parrots etc. Hemp seed is also popular as freshwater fishing burley.

Hemp Seed for Fishing:

Hemp seed is also very popular as burley for freshwater fishing. Especially when soaked and cooked, the high oil content of hemp seed is very good at attracting trout and other fish. Click here to see a video on how to prepare the hemp seed for fishing.

Hemp Seed for Laying Hens & Birds:

Recent feeding trials with chickens have confirmed that hemp seed is an excellent source of nutrition for laying hens (chooks), where the omega fatty acid profile in eggs was favourably influenced after feeding hemp seed meal (Silversides et al., 2002). This is in agreement with empirical observations over thousands of years in China and other Asiatic nations.

Click Here for more information on Hemp Seed for Laying Hens.

Click Here for more information on Hemp Seed for Birds.

About Hemp: Hemp is not to be confused with Marijuana. While hemp looks very similar it has very low levels of THC (<1%) the intoxicating ingredient of marijuana which is usually between 4 to 24%. You could think of hemp as the equivalent of alcohol-free beer. It has all the healthy aspects of cannabis without the unhealthy intoxicating effects.

Hemp seed can be legally produced under license in most states of Australia and in New Zealand and can be used for pet food, body care products and (under specified conditions in some Australian states and in New Zealand) for livestock feed. It may not currently be used for human consumption in Australia, but hemp seed oil may be consumed in New Zealand. (NSW DPI 2008)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this hemp seed hulled or whole (unhulled)?

A. The seed is whole hemp seed ie unhulled.

Q. Is your hemp seed whole seed & can it be cooked so it can be used for fishing?

A. Yes, it is whole seed and can be cooked for fishing. See the video link above for how to cook hemp seed.

Q. Are you sure budgies will be able to crack open and eat hemp seed?

A. Budgies can be reluctant to eat hemp seed and it often takes time for them to learn how to crack them open. However, once they learn they very much enjoy them. The Budgies at our store are fed hemp seed regularly and they have no problem eating them.

Q. I was looking at your unhulled hemp seed and I wondering if it has been treated with any other chemicals in its production of to protect it from vermin etc.

A. I emailed our supplier and got this reply "Australian hemp seed is harvested, cleaned and put into cold storage. No treatments are needed as it is stored at 4 Celcius pure untreated seed only"

Q.  Has this hemp seed been grown with any chemicals (pesticides or fertilisers) or is it organically grown?

A. According to the manufacturer, this hemp seed is grown with AMPVA approved fertilisers but no pesticides were used.

Q. Is this hemp seed grown in Australia?

A. Yes, currently this hemp seed is grown in Australia (6/10/23).

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This stuff is like candy for the parrots, they love it.

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Great product, great service, but the price has skyrocketed. Enfield still the cheapest on line . My birds love their hemp seed but I will have to stop giving it now given the fact the price of hemp has now more than doubled in the space of a few months!!!!! Makes it hard on bird breeders as we don't use hemp for cosmetic or culinary purposes. Looking forward to a price drop as production increases in Australia.

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