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ABK Guide to Pigeons, Doves & Quail


Guide to Pigeons, Doves & Quail. Contents Includes Housing, Feeding Methods and Nutrition, Catching, Handling and Transporting, Reproductive Manipulation Techniques, Choosing Stock, Making the most of your Avian Veterinarian, Common Diseases and Disorders, Admin of Medication.

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A Guide to Pigeons, Doves and Quail. ABK Books 184 pages.

A world first in aviculture, this title covers all species in this group available to the Australian aviculturist. Stunning colour photography throughout is supported by precise, easy-to-read information on the care, management, health and breeding of these unique birds.

Feeding Methods and Nutrition.
Handling and Transporting.
Reproductive Manipulation Techniques.
Choosing your Stock.
Making the most of your Avian Veterinarian.
Common Diseases and Disorders.
Administration of Medication.

Pigeons Doves Quail
Wompoo Pigeon Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove Brown
Torres Strait Pigeon Purple-crowned Fruit-Dove King
Topknot Pigeon Diamond Dove Stubble
White-headed Pigeon Peaceful Dove Japanese
Wonga Pigeon Bar-shouldered Dove Bobwhite
Green-winged Pigeon Barbary Dove Californian
Brown Pigeon Spotted Turtledove Little Button
Common Bronzewing Senegal Dove Painted Button
Brush Bronzewing Ruddy Turtledove Black-breasted Button
Crested Pigeon Masked Dove Red-chested Button
Flock Pigeon Talpacoti Dove Red-backed Button
Squatter Pigeon New Guinea Ground Dove
Partridge Pigeon
Spinifex Pigeon
Bleeding Heart Pigeon
Nicobar Pigeon
Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Rock Pigeon
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