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Maple Peas

Maple Peas are popular with racing pigeon keepers and are often preferred over the more common dun peas. Many pigeon keepers use both types of peas as part of their pigeon mixes or as a supplement.

Maple Peas (Only the 25kg size is available in-store. Other sizes are online only)

Maple Peas are the preferred pea of racing pigeon enthusiasts as part of a pigeon mix or as a supplement to their pigeon's diet. These peas are sometimes used instead of the more common dun peas or are used together with dun peas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can you let me know if these maple peas have been treated with any preservatives or chemicals? I am interested in finding out if they can be used for human consumption.

A. After calling the manufacturer (Midlands Seed Ltd) I was told that these peas are not treated with anything at all. They are only collected from the fields and bagged. These peas are not human grade as they are not cleaned like human grade peas are and may have more dirt on them but apart from this, they are virtually the same as human grade. Disclaimer: this answer only applies to the Midland branded maple peas. If you receive a different brand of maple peas this answer may not apply.

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