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Straw Hay Bales ( 5 or more)

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 5


Straw Hay Bales are popular for themed parties as decorative props or as bedding for chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets etc. SEE DELIVERY DISCLAIMER BEFORE ORDERING.

Straw Hay Bales (5 bales or more) Full Bale - For smaller quantities please see below.

Delivery Disclaimer: 

1 of 2: These bales will likely be delivered on a timber pallet. It will be the buyer responsibility to dispose of the pallet after delivery as the courier driver will not be able to take the pallet back. If you really want a delivery without a pallet being left behind you must request this before ordering and we may be able to organise it but only at our discretion. 

2 of 2: Straw bales will only be delivered to a point within 3 metres from where the delivery vehicle can reach. In other words, it will be the buyer's responsibility to have their straw bales moved to the backyard or another preferred place if the buyer requires this.

Straw hay is popular for use as bedding for small animals like poultry, chickens, rabbit, guinea pigs, ferrets etc. Straw hay can be used in your chicken's nest box to cushion and protect newly layed eggs. For rabbits, it can be used to line the floor or your rabbit's hutch to help keep them above and away from urine, liquids and mess. Replace straw hay regularly.

Straw hay bales are also popular as props at parties/promotions or as a way to stop water runoff at building and construction sites. These bales are also suitable to construct a raised garden bed or for straw bale gardening.

Bale Size (cm): 85 W x 50 D x 40 H. Average Weight - 13 kg

Notes: The bale weight & measurements are only general guides as each bale varies in size.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Would these straw bales be suitable for people to sit on at an event/function that I am organising?

A. Yes, these bales would be ideal for this purpose and we get many orders for this reason.

Q. What kind of straw is this for eg wheat straw?

A. This straw is indeed wheat straw. It is made with the leftover stalks from wheat harvesting.

Q. I'm interested in ordering some straw hay bales for an event I am hosting, can these bales be delivered on a specific day and what's the ordering procedure?

A. Yes, orders can be delivered on any weekday you like, please mention your preferred day for delivery in the comments section when placing your order on the website. If your party or event is on Saturday it's best to request a Thursday delivery so that we will have an extra day to deliver in the rare event there is a delay.

We usually deliver our straw bale orders with a third party courier and therefore we cannot specify what time of the day the order will be delivered. We can request or suggest a delivery time period with the courier, but your order could still be delivered at any time on the delivery day. Usually, an afternoon delivery is much easier for the courier.

To be sure of stock availability its best to place your order one week before you need it, though we can deliver at much shorter notice. We can even do next day deliveries for urgent orders if needed.

Same day deliveries of straw bales may be possible, but this at our discretion as we may be too busy at the time. For same day deliveries please email us beforehand to see if its possible.

New stock of straw bales normally arrives at our Sydney store on Thursday or Friday each week.

Q. Are your straw hay bales suitable for Straw Bale Gardening and are they seed/weed free?

A. Yes, our straw bales are farm bales suitable for Straw Bale Gardening. Regarding being seed or weed-free this is hard to say for sure. We did speak to our supplier and they said that their bales are likely to have a small amount wheat seed, as the upper wheat stalk can contain a small amount of seeds internally when harvested. He also added that this is a common issue for virtually all farm straw bales and not just applicable to his stock.

Q. Are your straw hay bales suitable for building the structure of a raised vegetable garden?

A. Yes, straw hay bales can be used to surround a raised garden with soil in the middle or soil can be added to the top of the hay bales for straw bale gardening.

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