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Agrisorb Hemp Pet Bedding 100L


AGRISORB HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURER PLEASE CONSIDER MINI-HEMP BEDDING BELOW AS A GREAT ALTERNATIVE. Agrisorb Hemp Pet Bedding is safe for you and your pet. Being made from industrial hemp, Ecofibre’s pet bedding has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Free of the aromatic hydrocarbons (harmful phenols) found in pine and cedar shavings. SEE DISCLAIMER BEFORE ORDERING.

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Agrisorb Hemp Pet Bedding (Australian) (horse bedding) 100 Litre (expands to about 120 Litres)

Disclaimer: This hemp bedding is now sourced from Australia and not from overseas as previous and may look a little different than the previous stock. It is also more coarse in grade which may not suit some people. The bale weight and size has also changed. Please note that this decision to change the product was made by the manufacturer of the product and not by us. If you think this may be an issue please consider the new mini hemp bedding below.

Safe for you and your pet. Being made from industrial hemp, Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Ecofibre's Agrisorb Pet Bedding is also free of the aromatic hydrocarbons (harmful phenols) found in pine and cedar shavings.

Bale Dimensions: 59 x 44 x 33cm Weight = 11kg (Dimensions may differ from these estimates)


Take the drab and mess out of your pet’s cage with Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding Hemp Pet Bedding. Its bright light yellow colour creates a dazzling, fresh looking space that both you and your pet will love. And it has all of the natural odour-absorbing benefits of industrial hemp hurd.

Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding absorbs animal wastes and absorbs and neutralises odours like a sponge. Gone is the drudgery of changing the litter every 2 days. With Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding, one change a week is all it takes to give your pet a comfortable, fresh smelling bed. The clumping feature when wet also makes selective removal of soiled bedding easy.

It is particularly recommended for hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, rats, cage or aviary birds (such canaries and parakeets), hens and pigeons but also rabbits, snakes and even short haired dogs.


  • Low dust.
  • High absorbency.
  • Reduced ammonia smell.
  • No chemical residues.
  • No damaging phenois (unlike pine and other wood products).
  • Biodegradable and Compostable.
  • High Porosity.


Being made from industrial hemp, Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is also free of the aromatic hydrocarbons (harmful phenols) found in pine and cedar shavings.

The problems with softwood shavings such as pine and cedar stem from the natural, aromatic chemicals called phenols that give the wood their natural aroma.

These phenols interact with the liver and respiratory system in the body, potentially producing unwanted and harmful side effects. Natural chemicals present in softwoods can damage the animal’s delicate respiratory tract, leading to chronic respiratory disease and asthma.

Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding is thoroughly vacuum-dust extracted making it particularly healthy for your animal friend’s respiratory system.

Ecofibre Industries Operations Pty Ltd (EIO) is an Australian agricultural industry company, producing sustainable hemp fibre for national and export industry. Ecofibre Industries is Australia's leading hemp research, development and commercialisation company, involved in all aspects of the bast fibre value chain.


Your small animal deserves the best. Here are some suggestions on how to best use Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding to maximise your friend’s comfort and health:

SMALL RODENT: (mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits)

Spread 3 to 4 cm of Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding at the bottom of your pet’s cage (5 to 6 cm if your pet tends to want to create his nesting place (Russian hamster for example)). Change the litter on average once each week (according to the number and the size of your animals).

BIRDS: (Canaries, parakeets, parrots, etc…)

Although there are specific cage linings for birds, Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding for Small Animals is appropriate for our winged friends as well.

Only birds that often flap their wings (especially if they are large and imposing) are likely to make the bedding fly from the cage. But Canaries, Parakeets, and even Turtledoves and Parrots can be accommodated without problem.

Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding, needing only to be changed once a week, will save you time and
money. One centimetre of Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding is enough.


Some snake owners leave their animal in direct contact with glass, metal or wood. This is bad for two reasons: the animal could develop scale problems and cage cleaning and deodorising every day becomes necessary.

Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding has the advantage of absorbing liquid waste very quickly, and dries out solid wastes quickly, retaining and neutralising odours. Snakes enjoy a layer of 3 to 5cm.


Spread 2 or 3cm of Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding in the kennels (including the sleeping area). Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding insulates your dog from the cold floor and acts as a comfortable mattress. Waste collection will be easier than ever. Urine odours will be absorbed and neutralised. We advise you to change the litter every 3 to 4 days.


Biodegradable and easy to dispose of, Ecofibre’s Pet Bedding can be safely composted, incinerated, landfilled, or flushed down the toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is hemp bedding a good choice for rabbits or guinea pigs or are wood shavings the better option?

A. The manufacturer of this product does state that hemp bedding is suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs. However, I do think that most people will find hemp bedding a bit little too coarse and bark like, which may be a little uncomfortable for rabbits and guinea pigs. Please note that this is just my hunch and I haven't had any solid feedback from customers yet, so I may be wrong on this. You may want to try out a small bag for yourself first.

Q. Is this hemp bedding heat-treated to kill germs?

A. According to the manufacturer of Mini-Hemp, only pine wood shaving products require heat treatment to remove toxic hydrocarbon (phenols). Hemp does not have these harmful phenols and hence does not require this treatment. The heat treatment removes phenols from pine but does not remove germs.

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