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Amprolium 200 (100g)

For the prevention and treatment of Coccidiosis in Broilers, Broiler Breeders, Replacement Pullets, Turkeys, Ducks, and Pigeons.

Amprolium 200 (100g)

Directions For Use: Using the teaspoon Provided (1 level tsp = 3g, 1 rounded tsp = 5g)

Dosage For Prevention: Use 5g to 4 Litres of drinking water (240mg amprolium per litre) for 24 hours every fourth day during periods of likely infection. This action helps control the coccidia by interrupting the life cycle and encourages immunity to develop.

Dosage For Treatment: Use 5g to 4 litres of drinking water (240mg amprolium per litre) CONTINUOUSLY for 5 to 7 days. This gradual reduction in the level of treatment assists the birds to develop immunity while maintaining some level of protection.

Administration: Premix the amount required into 1/2 litre of water first and when completely dissolved add to drinking water, mixing thoroughly, A FRESH SOLUTION SHOULD BE PREPARED DAILY. 

Indications: Amprolium 200 soluble powder is administered through the drinking water as an aid in the prevention and treatment of economically important strains of coccidiosis in poultry including E.Tenella, E.Necatrix, and most strains of E.Acervulina 

Withholding period: Keep out of reach of children store in cool dry place below 30"C 

FIRST AID; If poisoning occurs, contact doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Call Australia 13 11 26.

For More information about the Amprolium 200 (100g) such as disposal or just more information Please read the bottle descriptions.

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