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Surefire Cockroach, Spider Indoor & Outdoor Pest Insecticide 1L


A professional & high-strength insecticide for the residual control of ants, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, flies and spiders in indoor and outdoor household areas.

Surefire Cockroach, Spider Indoor & Outdoor Pest Insecticide 1L

This concentrate is used at a dilution of 20 to 40 mls/ litre of water. However please read the bottle directions carefully before use. This product is also suitable for controlling the smaller brown German Cockroaches that are resistant to most other sprays.

This product is an ideal alternative to expensive pest control services and is far superior to general supermarket products. 

A residual insecticide for the control of ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas and flies in indoor and outdoor household areas.

Active Ingredient: 15g/L Alpha-Cypermethrin (same active as Superway Cockroach Indoor/Outdoor Spray)

Product features:

  • Residual insecticide concentrate which is effective both inside and outside household areas.
  • For the control of Cockroaches, including German Cockroach, Australian Cockroach, American Cockroach, Smoky Brown Cockroach, and Oriental Cockroach as well as Fleas, Flies, Silverfish, Spiders and Ants.
  • Suitable for use on porous and non porous surfaces.
  • This product is odourless and will not stain.
  • Available in 1-litre chamber pack provides the end user with no chemical contact and the easy to use measuring chamber provides an accurate measurement.

How to Use:

Application Information from Label (read information on bottle before use)

NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY PURPOSE OR IN ANY MANNER UNLESS AUTHORISED. (read information on bottle before use)

How to Prepare: This product controls insects by contact action and ingestion. When applied as a surface spray, the product offers long residual activity. To obtain best results all surfaces should be treated, especially cracks, crevices and infested areas. A higher volume of water may be required on very absorbent surfaces. Apply to the point of run-off. Shake or invert the container before opening. Carefully measure the required amount of product and add water in the sprayer and mix thoroughly. Do not mix more spray than can be used on the day of mixing. Thoroughly clean out sprayer after use.

Caution: Do NOT spray directly on humans, pets, exposed food, food preparation areas or food utensils. If using inside the home evacuate areas to be treated. These areas can be re-occupied once spraying is completed.

Before use - remove or cover all exposed foodstuffs, cover all dishes and utensils and places where food is prepared or stored. Cover or remove bird cages or fish tanks during spraying.

After use - thoroughly ventilate treated area. Clean up thoroughly before processing/serving resumes. Do NOT allow chemical containers or spray to get into drains, sewers, streams, or ponds

Disclaimer: Please read instructions on the bottle before use, as these instructions are incomplete and may contain errors.

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