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Poultry Manure Premium Organic Fertilizer Pellets 5kg (Terra Firma)

Disclaimer: This item is packed by us in a clear bag with no label. We buy full-sized bags and break them up into 5 kg bags. Multiple 5kg items may be combined into 1 bag.

Premium grade pelletised organic poultry manure boosted with natural humates. Ideal for flowers, shrubs, natives & preplanting of vegetables. Helps hold moisture in the soil, reducing watering, and activates beneficial soil micro-organisms.

Poultry Manure Premium Organic Fertilizer Pellets 5kg (Terra Firma)

Slow-release pelletised garden food that is ideal for flowers, shrubs, natives & pre-planting of vegetables. It helps hold moisture in the soil, reducing watering, and activates beneficial soil micro-organisms to improve soil structure.

For a better soil with all these benefits:

# Premium grade pelletised poultry manure Boosted with Natural Humates.

# Pelletised for slow, consistent release of nutrients.

# Activates vital micro-organisms & earthworms in your soil for better soil structure.

# BFA Registered by the Biological Farmers Australia (BFA)

# 30% Organic Carbon as a biological storehouse for nutrients.

# Boosts soil moisture retention & improves aeration of the soil.

# Convenient and safe to use.

# With one of the highest NPK analysis on the market.

 Nutrient Analysis  

 Nitrogen (N)


 Phosphorus (P)


 Potassium (K)

 Sulphur (S)  0.5%
 Calcium (Ca)  3.2%

Plus minerals & trace elements, Magnesium Iron, Zinc, Copper & Manganese.

Why use Terra Firma?

Unlike raw manure, Terra Firma Pellets have a guaranteed analysis, will not burn plants, is easy to spread and store, is easy to transport and has no weed seeds or pathogens.


Home Garden: 150 – 300g/square metre in the vegetable garden and around established shrubs. Suitable for use on natives at lower rates particularly near plants of the

Proteacea Family.


Commercial Vegetables and Vine Fruit Production: 500 – 2500kg/Ha as a pre-plant application depending on the type and quantity of other soil inputs.

Tree Crops: 250 – 500kg/Ha depending on age of trees. Apply under trees with more around the drip line if possible generally in Spring and or Autumn.

Broadacre Crops: From 75kg/Ha in the furrow with the seed as a biological activator

Pasture: 200 – 250kg/Ha after grazing in Winter. Over Winter the pellets will incorporate in the topsoil and help initiate greater biological activity in growth.

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