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Multiguard Snail & Slug Killer

A new generation product developed to provide more effective slug and snail control with less danger to animals and wildlife.

Multiguard Snail & Slug Killer - Multicrop.

A new generation Snail & Slug Killer. Multiguard Slug and Snail Killer has been developed to provide more effective slug and snail control with less danger to animals and wild life.
How does it work?
Multiguard is a bran-based, rust coloured pellet that’s applied in exactly the same way as ordinary slug and snail pellets. Unlike ordinary pellets though, it contains a revolutionary new active ingredient called Iron EDTA Complex. This is a substance we come across in everyday life: as a food additive to prevent rancidity, in medicine to treat anaemia, and as a trace element in fertiliser. Despite its benefits to humans however, Iron EDTA Complex is a deadly stomach poison to slugs and snails. Slugs and snails find Multiguard highly attractive and consume the pellets in preference to nearby plants. Once they’ve eaten, they lose their appetites and head off home to die, quickly and without trace. Shells are seldom found after treatment with Multiguard.


# Most effective.

# Safer for dogs, cats, native birds & lizards, when used as directed on packaging.

# Eco-friendly as breaks down as nutrients for soil & plants. Harmless to earthworms and beneficial insects.

# 1kg treats 200m2.

# Ideal on vegies, herbs and flowers.

# Active Constituent: 60g/kg Iron EDTA Complex.

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