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Lithuanian Peat Moss 180 Litre


Lithuanian Sphagnum Peat Moss 180 Litre (by Klasmann) is composed of white, slightly decomposed high moor natural sphagnum peat moss without the addition of fertiliser, lime & additives.

Lithuanian Peat Moss 180 Litre (Fine Grade) (Klasmann) (About 39kg) (20 bags per pallet)

An ideal natural soil conditioner and a great way of adding organic matter and improve the water-holding ability of soil.

Natural white sphagnum peat moss without fertiliser & additives. Lithuanian sphagnum peat moss is a slightly decomposed high moor peat without the addition of fertilizer or lime.

Disclaimer: This item is made from 200 litres of peat moss and then compressed to its packed size of 4 cubic feet (113 litres). Once the product is spread apart it should expand to around 180 to 185 Litres of usable Peat Moss.

Soil Improvement:

When preparing new ground for plant cultivation spread 10 to 14 packs of sphagnum peat moss for every 100 sq metres. Moisten the peat moss well and work it. To retain the humus content and plant beds or for sowing lawn seed a 3cm deep layer of sphagnum peat should be worked into the top layer of the soil. When planting trees or shrubs the sphagnum peat moss should be mixed with the excavated soil from the hole in the ratio of 1:1.

Production of Substrates:

To establish a pH (H2O) of 5.5 to 6 approximately 4 kg of finely ground carbonic acid lime has to be mixed to every cubic metre. For growing azaleas, ericas or calluns we recommend liming at 1kg/cubic metre to obtain a pH (H2O) of approximately 4.5.

Peat Moss Specifications:

Type - High moor peat.

Degree of decomposition - Slight to moderate decomposition.

PH (H2O) - 3,5 to 4,5.

General Peat Moss Information:

Peat Moss is a natural soil conditioner which improves soils that are deficient in organic matter such as sandy or clay soils. It aerates the soil and has excellent water retention properties, making moisture available to plants as they need it.

Peat Moss will also increase the acidity of alkaline or neutral soil making it ideal for acid-loving plants such as azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas and daphne. It is also excellent for fern, palms, staghorns, elkhorns and even roses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this "Blonde" peat moss?

A. Yes, this is a "blonde" peat moss which is lighter in colour as it comes from the top 2 metres of the peat bog. See this PDF brochure for a picture of a peat bog.

Q. Have you got a MSDS for this peat moss?

A. Yes, here it is. MSDS for Lithuanian Peat Moss 200 Litre.

Q. Do you stock the other grades of Lithuanian Peat Moss like the Medium and Coarse?

A. This brand of peat moss is produced in 3 grades, fine, medium and coarse. We only stock the fine grade since its only grade available to us.

Q.  Please can you confirm whether this has been sprayed or treated with chemicals as I am interested in growing food and want it all as organic as possible?

A. After calling the manufacturer I was told that this product has not been treated or sprayed with anything and is just pure moss. Even for importing the product into Australia it did not require any treatment. He also suggested that pure peat moss requires the adding of lime to adjust the ph to make it optimal for growing vegetables. (22/12/17)

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An excellent product; broke up easily and absorbs water readily. Would definitely purchase again when needed.
Thank you for the very prompt delivery. Ordered Tuesday evening and delivered Friday afternoon. Well done! Cheers,

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