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Indoor Rabbit Hutch 100 cm (TS-3647)

Large indoor rabbit hutch. Includes metal feed divider and plastic hay dispenser. Optional extra stand with wheels also available.

Indoor Rabbit Hutch 100 cm (TS-3647).

Your rabbit will love this hutches generous 100 cm length and you will love its value for money. Big enough to house 2 adult rabbits. 

Includes metal feed divider and plastic hay dispenser.

Main Features:

  • Exceptional value for money for a 100 cm hutch.
  • Metal mesh is spray painted well, doesn't look homemade like some.
  • Comes with divider to keep greens & vegetables at one end.
  • Plastic hay dispenser clips on the outside of the hutch. Allows feeding from the outside.
  • The white wire mesh top part can be easily separated from the blue base for easy cleaning.
  • Stand NOT included but available as an optional extra (See below)

Dimensions (cm):

EXTERNAL: 100 L x 53 W x 47H.

TOP DOOR: 33 W x 37 H.

SIDE DOOR: 32.5 W x 23.5H.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I manage pet urine in a hutch like this?

A. Most people apply wood shavings or other bedding to the floor of the hutch and then remove and replace the bedding regularly to keep it dry and clean.

Q. Is there a matching white stand available for this hutch as I only see a black stand?

A. This hutch only has a matching black coloured stand available, which is sold separately.

Q. How much does this hutch weigh?

A. This hutch weighs about 5.25 kg.

Q. Would this hutch be suitable as a chicken brooder for 4 young chicks?

A. Yes, this would fine and you would also need a heat source to keep the young chicks warm.

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