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Vegetable & Herb Seedlings


Try our vegetable seedlings and see the difference for yourself. Our seedlings are often stronger and more vigourous then most of the big nurseries. Our prices are also excellent. In-store pick up and purchase only.

Vegetable & Herb Seedlings for Sale Sydney.

Why our seedlings: We have always sourced most of our seedlings from the same excellent supplier. They are an independant supplier with a big focus on quailty. You will really notice how strong and vigorous our seedlings are compared to the big nurseries. Our prices are also very reasonable.

How to Buy: Our seedlings can be purchased from our Sydney Store only and are NOT available for home delivery or too order via this website.

Store Address: 56 Coronation Pde Enfield NSW 2136 (near Strathfield) PH 02 97475713

For a map to our store click the "STORE LOCATION" link above.

Availability: This list below is just some of the seedlings that may be available. There may be other types not listed here for sale at the store or some might not be available at this time. If you want to be sure please call the store on 02 97475713 before arrival.

 Seedling Name Pot Size Price Note>>>>>>>
 Bean Dwarf Green   
 Cabbage Lionheart   
 Cabbage Sugarloaf   
 Celery Crispy   
 Endives Cristo   
 Herb Salad Rocket   
 Herb Baby Rocket   
 Herb Sweet Basil   
 Leek Musselburg   
 Lettuce Big Heart   
 Lettuce Combo   
 Lettuce Cos   
 Lettuce Brown Mig.   
 Lettuce Green Mig.   
 Lettuce Baby Cos   
 Lettuce Baby Combo   
 Onion Brown   
 Onion Red Salad   
 Onion White   
 Onion Red Bunching   
 Pak Choi Green   
 Pak Choi White   
 Wong Bok Cabbage   
 Parsley Afro   
 Parsley Italian   
 Pea Honey Snap   
 Pea Dwarf Snow   
 Rainbow Chard   
 Sliverbeet Giant   
 Spinach Iron Man   
 Sweet Corn   
 Tomato Grosse Lisse   
 Tomato Rouge De Marm   
 Cucumber Apple   
 Cucumber Burpless   
 Cucumber lebanese   
 Cucumber Long Green   
 Cucumber Bush Crop   
 Zuchinni Lebanese   
 Zuchini Blackjack   
 Capsicum Sweet Mama   
 Capsicum Gold Princess   
 Capsicum Courtyard   
 Hot Chilli Thai Hot   
 Hot Chilli Hot Lips   
 Hot Chilli Jalapeno   
 Tomato Patio Roma   
 Tomato Mighty Red   
 Capsicum Green Giant   
 Capsicum Long Sweet Green   
 Capsicum Long Sweet Yellow   
 Capsicum Sweet Mixed   
 Capsicum Yolo Wonder   
 Egg Plant Long Purple   
 Egg Plant Supreme Round   
 Egg Plant Mini Lebanese   
 Hot Chilli Cayenne Red   
 Hot Combo   
 Tomato Roma Egg   
 Tomato Yellow Pear   
 Mint Common   
 Thyme Common   
 Chives Garlic   
 Basil Combo   
 Basil Bush   
 Basil Spicey Globe   
 Basil Limelight   
 Basil Purple   
 Basil Thai   
 Basil Italian   
 Parsley Frissee   
 Parsley Flat Leaf   
 Strawberry Sweetheart   
 100 MM POTS   
 Tomato Apollo   
 Tomato Acid free   
 Tomato Black Russian   
 Tomato Beefsteak   
 Tomato Lisse   
 Tomato Lisse Supreme   
 Tomato Lotsa   
 Tomato Mighty Red   
 Tomato Red Blush   
 Tomato Red Grape   
 Tomato Ox Heart   
 Tomato Russian Red   
 Tomato Sweet Bite   
 Tomato Tommy Toe   
 Capsicum Green Giant   
 Capsicum Gold Princess   
 Capsicum Red Cherry Mini Capsicum   
 Capsicum Sweet Mama   
 Capsicum Sweet Long Yellow   
 Eggplant Black Bell   
 Eggplant Casper White   
 Eggplant Long Purple   
 Eggplant Mini lebanese   
 Hot Chilli Cayenne Red   
 Hot Chilli Little Mexican   
 Hot Chilli  Thai Super Chilli   
 Tomato Truss   
 Tomato Yates Big Beef (NEW)   
 Tomato Yates Pot Roma (NEW)   
 Chilli Habanero Yellow   
 Chilli Habanero Red   
 Chilli Habanero Orange   
 Chilli jalapeno   
 Other  100 MM POTS   
 Passionfruit Black   
 Strawberry Tarpan   
 Strawberry Sweetheart   


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