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Worm Feast Complete (In-ground worm farm)


Worm Feast Complete is an in-ground worm farm that is perfect for recycling kitchen scraps straight into mother earth. Can be put directly in your vegie or flower garden and will allow composing and naturally occurring earthworms to process your food scraps & naturally fertilize your garden.

The Worm Feast is an in-ground feeding station where composing and naturally occurring earthworms process your food scraps & naturally fertilize your garden. Place this amazing worm farm directly in the ground and you will see a remarkable benefit to the surrounding soil and plants.  Perfect for putting directly in your vegetable or flower garden.

This item Includes:

3 x  black moulded plastic Worm Feast® sections.

1 x  black moulded plastic WormFeast® lid.

1 x  Instruction manual.

      Features and Benefits:

  • In-ground worm farm.
  • Food scrap recycling system.
  • Free organic fertiliser for your garden.
  • Compact and easy composting.
  • Suitable for all gardens, even raised garden beds and balcony gardens.
  • Composts organic waste fast.
  • Locking Lid.
  • 100% UV stabilised recycled plastic.
  • Made in Australia.


  • Locking lid.
  • 100% UV protected recycled plastic.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • 51.5cm Height.
  • 31.4cm Diameter.

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