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Feline Light (liver & Chicken ) Can 156 g


lets you indulge your cat with the delicious taste of liver & chicken while helping her achieve an ideal weight

Science Diet Adult Light Liver & Chicken Entrée cat food lets you indulge your cat with the delicious taste of liver & chicken while helping her achieve an ideal weight. It provides all of the essential nutrients your cat needs for optimum health with a low calorie, low fat formula to help with weight control. High fiber helps control hunger between meals. 156 gram cans.

Recommended For  :  Adult cats (1 -- 6 years of age) that require fewer calories (i.e., cats that are less active, neutered or otherwise prone to obesity).

Not Recommended For :  Kittens, adult cats not prone to gaining excess weight  -   Pregnant or nursing cats. During pregnancy or nursing, cats should be switched to Science Diet Kitten Healthy Development Original, Science Diet Kitten Healthy Development Ocean Fish & Rice Recipe, Science Diet Kitten Indoor, Science Diet Nature's Best Kitten or Science Diet Healthy Advantage Kitten.

BenefitNutrientHow It Works
Helps maintain healthy weightReduced calories*Appropriate energy levels for healthy weight.
Helps control hunger between mealsHigh fiberNatural fiber helps to provide satiety bewtween meals.
Guaranteed great tasteHigh quality ingredientsPrecise blend of high quality ingredients for a taste your cat is guaranteed to love.

Additional Info

  • Minced varieties are cooked in savory juices for great taste with a soft, "pâté" texture that's easy to serve.
  • Hill's Science Diet cat foods are made with high quality ingredients that provide an ideal combination of nutrients for better overall health. Our 150 veterinarians, PhD nutritionists and scientists ensure that over 50 nutrients in Hill's Science Diet cat foods work together and fall precisely within appropriate ranges, avoiding nutrient excesses and deficiencies that can impact your cat's long term health.
  • 100% Guarantee -- your cat will love the taste or you can return the unused portion for a full refund.

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