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Superway Glyphosate 360 Herbicide Weed Killer 1L

Superway Weed Killer 1L controls a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds in the home garden.

Superway Weed Killer 1L controls a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds in the home garden. 

Active Constituent: 360g/L Glyphosate present as the isopropylamine salt.

HOW TO USE: DO NOT apply to plants suffering from stress. DO NOT mow or cut weeds for 7 days before and after applying Superway Weed Killer 1L. DO NOT water treated plants, or apply if rain is expected within 6 hours.

Around buildings, driveways, fence lines, garden beds and paths Many grasses and broadleaf weeds incl: Annual Weeds: Barley, brome and ryegrasses, capeweed. Perennial Weeds: Bamboo Mix 10mL per Litre of water Spray growing plants until wet.
Blady grass, Couch Mix 15mL per Litre of water Spray plant from lead to 2m tall plant
Johnson grass, Kikuyu grass, Nutgrass Mix 10mL per Litre of water Spray growing plant until wet at early flowering stage. Repeat treatment may be necessary
Pampas grass Spray after flowering
Paspalum, Prairie grass, Rhodes grass, Sorrell, Woody Weeds: Blackberry Spray after flowering
Lantana( NSW, QLD only) Spray complete plant

HOW TO PREPARE: Product mixes more easily with clean water. Using a measuring device add required quantity to a clean plastic, aluminium or copper container. DO NOT mix more than is needed. Wash sprayer thoroughly after use.


  • DO NOT allow spray to contact or drift onto plants you do not want killed.
  • DO NOT allow chemical containers or spray to get into drains, sewers, ponds or streams.
  • DO NOT plant seeds or seedlings into treated areas for 7 days after use.

STORAGE & DISPOSAL: Store in closed original container in a cool dry place out of reach of children. Do not store in direct sunlight. Dispose of empty container by wrapping in paper, placing in a plastic bag and putting into the garbage.

SAFETY DIRECTIONS: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash hands after use.

FIRST AID: If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre (TEL 131126)

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