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Amgrow Tree & Blackberry Killer 250ml


Amgrow Weed Control Tree & Blackberry Killer controls various weeds in the home garden including Blackberry, Lantana, Groundsel, Privet, Wattles other woody weeds.

Amgrow Tree & Blackberry Killer (Weed Control) controls various weeds in the home garden including Blackberry, Lantana, Groundsel, Privet, Wattles other woody weeds.

Active Ingredient

50g/L Triclopyr resent as Butoxyethyl Ester

How to prepare

Clean equipment thoroughly with soap and water after use. Equipment that has been used for this herbicide should not be used for the application of other materials to sensitive plants. Grasses are usually unaffected and establish quickly after treatment.

How to use

For overall spraying of Blackberry and Camphor Laurel seedlings up to 3m tall, dilute 20mL to 1 litre of water. Apply from late spring to early autumn when bushes are actively growing. Wet all foliage and stems thoroughly. Any regrowth and seedlings should be sprayed after hardening. 

To treat Gorse (not Tasmania), Wattles and Groundsel bush mix 20-40ml per 1 liter of water. Use higher rate on older gorse bushes, tall wattles and Groundsel bushes. Spray to wet all foliage and stems thoroughly. Retreatment of gorse regrowth may be necessary.

For Basal bark spraying dilute 100mL per 500mL of kerosene. To treat seedlings up to 5cm diameter (up to 10cm for Camphor Laurel/Groundsel bushes/Privet). Spray or paint bark or round stem to 30cm wetting thoroughly. Old rough bark may require more thorough spraying than young smooth bark.

To treat cut stumps, dilute according to instructions and apply to freshly cut stems of suckers and seedlings more than 5cm in basal diameter. Cut stems or trunks to within 15cm of the ground. Apply liberally by spraying or painting. 


Do not spray blackberries suffering from drought stress.

Do not spray bushes carrying or near mature fruit (If residing in Tasmania).

Do not treat Australian blackthorn during dormant period.

Always read safety directions before use. Not to be used for any other purpose or in any manner contrary to this label unless authorised.




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