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Vilmorin Herb Seeds

Our vilmorin herb range includes the Basil, Parley, Marjoram, Perpermint, Sage, Thyme, Dill, Coriander, Chervil, Chives, Borage.

Vilmorin Herb Seeds

When to sow : (Sp) = Spring. (W) = Winter. (A) = Autumn. (S) = Summer.

Vimorin Herb Seed Selection :

Basil Green Fine Leaved (502) - (Sp) A particularly compact and decorative variety with thin leaves. Particularly suited to be grown in pots or in a window box. Basil has a strong-smelling foliage, cut leaves of which harvested in the morning give a pleasant aroma to sauces.

Basil Purple (509) - (Sp) Very Decorative plant with purple leaves which gives a good effect when alternated with green leaves. Basil is a strong smelling plant. Fresh leaves picked in the morning will flavour sauces, soups and particularly vegetable soup. Can also be used in salads or crudites. Should be frozen to be kept for long periods.

Parsley Common (526) - Discontinued (Sp) Common Parsley is more perfumed the curly parsley. Can be used to garnish your dishes and finely chopped it will flavour your salads, meats, omelettes. Parsley freezes easily. It grows quickly in most soils.

Marjoram Annual (522) - (Sp) Strongly perfumed plant giving small white, pink or mauve flowers. Does well grown in pots. Doesn't like standing in water. The flowers and the young sprouts can be used as seasoning for soups, roast meats, sauces and cold meats.

Peppermint (524) - (Sp) Plant with very perfumed leaves, can be grown in pots. Likes shady places and damp fertile soils. Use to perfume, decorate and to bring a taste of freshness to certain dishes: omelettes, peas, sauces and fruit salads.

Sage (534) - (Sp) Hardy plant with persistent and aromatic leaves. Can be grown in pots. The flowers and the leaves contain an essential oil thought to be fortifying, stimulating and aromatic. The perfume is nicer once the leaves are dried. It can also be used as a condiment with fish, cold meats and poultry.

Thyme (538) - (Sp) Plant with small greyish aromatic leaves. Can be grown in pots. Branches of thyme either fresh or dried used as a seasoning for sauces, ragouts, marinades.

Dill (500) - (Sp) A plant who's flavour is somewhere between fennel and mint. The decorative leaves can be used to flavour meat and fish dishes. The seeds of which can be used in preserves, vinegar and herbal tea. Dill loves a sunny warm growing site.

Coriander (514) - (Sp) Still called Chinese parsley or Arab parsley. Plant with small branched flowers forming a parasol. Strongly perfumed plant used for seasoning, the flowers and seeds of which can be used in numerous recipes. The seeds are used as condiments and the fresh or dried leaves can be used to flavour many different dishes. To pick young tender leaves, the clumps should be cut right down every month until summer.

Chervil (512) - (Sp) Plant with finely curled leaves. The curled Chervil is the most decorative variety due to its finely carved leaves. The leaves finely chopped can be used as seasoning. Use in salads, soups, sauces. The chervil can be easily frozen.

Chives (516) - (W & Sp) Plant with fine stems forming compact tufts. The stems regrow each time they are cut. The leaves can be used as seasoning in salads omelettes, sauces.

Borage (506) - (W & Sp) Decorative plant with pretty blue flowers. The leaves and the flowers picked at the start of flowering should be dried quickly. The flowers and leaves can be used in herbal teas but the leaves can also be used in spring salads with onion and fennel.

About Vilmorin Seeds:

Vilmorin Seeds: Offer 5 to 20 times more seed per packet!

Vilmorin Seeds are produced in France and are a new and high-quality seed range that offers many special plant varieties that are popular in Europe, but often hard to find in Australia.

They also offer far more value for money than most well-known seed brands. The large amount of seeds in Vilmorin Packets compared to other brands is truly amazing. Vilmorin packets can have anywhere from 5 to 20 times the amount of seed of most of its competitors.

Note: Packet comparisons are only a rough guide as we have only compared a select few packets visually and haven't measured them exactly. We can also vouch for the quality ourselves having tried them in our own garden with a great success rate.

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