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Vegepod Large with Cover


Vegepod is a self-watering garden container and cover which provides protection from wildlife, insects and the hot sun with 17% UV protection. Ideal for growing veggies on balconies, patios, courtyards and other small spaces. Its Mist-spray watering system attaches to a standard hose fitting for easy watering without even opening the cover.

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Vegepod Large with Cover.

Display Model - Only the small vegepod is on display at our Enfield store if you wish to view the small size before purchase. Please call before arrival to confirm this.

Now you can easily grow veggies on your balcony, patio, verandah or courtyard or any small space with this small container garden with Vegecover. It provides protection from wind, pesky wildlife and insects in the surrounding area. The vegepod cover provides 17% UV protection to save crops in exceedingly hot temperatures and includes a mist-spray watering system that attaches to a standard hose fitting for easy watering without even opening the cover. Self-watering, portable and easily raised.

Size Guide: (See below for other sizes)

DimensionsSmall VegepodMedium Vegepod Large Vegepod
Size100cm x 50cm100cm x 100cm200cm x 100cm
Growing Depth26cm26cm26cm
Potting Mix Required to Fill5 bags (25 Litres)9 bags (25 Litres)18 bags (25 Litres)
Potting Mix + Perlite Required to fill4 bags + 25L Perlite7 bags + 50L Perlite14 bags + 100L Perlite

Ideal for Units: Apartments and townhouses. Now you can grow fresh healthy veggies on your balcony.

  • Easy set up
  • Self-watering
  • Easily raised
  • Portable
  • Easy to fill

The Vegepod Container: The Vegepod Container provides superior growth-rates due to the complete growing system. Unlike traditional raised garden beds the Vegepods give you complete control over the soil which means any nutrients you add are utilised by your plants only. The self-watering reservoir holds up to 64 litres providing all the moisture your plants require – from below!

This truly modular system allows you to connect any multiple of vegepods together with no loss of functionality. You can now create a garden that suits you without using your spade. Joining the units creates one larger single garden bed. You can customise your garden to whatever size you like.

Alter growing depths, raise beds off the ground for easier access or rotate crops - you can do anything because the soil is fully contained.

The components have been specifically designed to easily slide and click together. Made from UV stabilised, durable polypropolene the stylish finish makes an attractive garden to any desired size. Once assembled it is bolted togther to form one solid unit that is enhanced by the self-watering reserviours in each container base. It is possible to create 10 metre long rows by 1 metre wide. Or even more!

The VegeCover: The VegeCover is unique to the Vegepod and is the latest in greenhouse technology. It allows air and water to penetrate and provides 17% UV protection to save crops in exceedingly hot temperatures while also providing protection against frost and freezing temperatures.

The Vegecover provides superior growth rates compared to other covers and to make life even easier there is a mist-spray watering system included that attaches to a standard hose fitting. Because of the greenhouse capabilities it promotes rapid growth and can be easily attached to a Vegepod at anytime by simply clicking it into the hinged system. This allows easy access to all of your plants as the Vegecover opens up 180 degrees. The frames are made from powder-coated steel and the material is a durable HDPE mesh.

However, the biggest benefit of the VegeCover is undoubtedly the protection it provides against all critters. Possums, bandicoots, rabbits, brush turkeys, wallabies, deer, you name it they can’t get in. Also, most of the smaller pests and bugs are kept at bay, like grubs and other nasties that can decimate a crop.

Now you get to eat what you grow!

Filling your Vegepod:

It is fine to use straight potting mix – the following mixes are optional.

Filling The Large Vegepod:

WITH PERLITE                                  WITHOUT PERLITE

12 bags (25L) potting mix                  15 bags (25L) potting mix 

2 bags (25L) cow manure                    3 bags (25L) cow manure

1 bag (100L) perlite

Please click here for more information on Filling your Vegepod.

Please click here for more information on Planting in a Vegepod.

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