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Troforte M General Purpose TABLETS 10kg


Troforte Planting tablets are an excellent way to apply microbe based natural mineral fertilisers at planting time when you are landscaping. It’s a fast way to apply an exact measured dose of fertiliser.

Troforte M General Purpose TABLETS 10kg (Approximately 1000 x 10g tablets) (N= 20.70 : P= 1.20 K= 10.5)

Troforte Plant Tablets contain a biologically coated specifically engineered mineral base incorporating up to 60 minerals and scientifically balanced blend of up to 24 strains of well researched and trialled Australian cultured beneficial soil microbes. These include bacteria, fungi and algae to carry out wide range of biological activities within the soil such as Nitrogen-fixing, Nutrients building, producing growth hormones, decomposing organic mater to organic carbon, protecting beneficial bacteria by releasing antibiotics that can assist in inhibiting disease-producing microbes like root rot, fungi and pythium as well as conditioning of soils by improving soil structure. Some of strains included are Azobacter, Azosprillum, Bacilli, Cellulosic fungi, Myxobacteria, Phosphobacteria, Pseudomonas, Rhizobium, Streptmyces, Sacchromyces, Trichoderma, VAM and Yarrowia. Some bacterial species break down minerals and release potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron to make them plant available and other species make and release natural plant growth hormones like auxins, gibberellins and cytokines. With over two - thirds of nitrogen being in water-insoluble form, it effectively and efficiently delivers organic feeding of energy-rich carbon and nitrogen through microbial activity. This also helps in increasing and sustaining the population of beneficial microbes in the soil. Troforte® Plant Tablets are more efficient, environmentally friendly and economical than high analysis chemical fertilisers.


Total Nitrogen (N) 20.70 %w/w, as Ureaform 17.29 %w/w. as Urea 1.41 %w/w, as Nitrate 1.00 %w/w, as Ammonium 1.00 %w/w

Total Phosphorus (P) 1.20 %w/w Water Soluble 0.93 %w/w Citrate Soluble 0.27 %w/w

Total Potassium (K) as Sulphate 10.50 %w/w

MICRO ELEMENTS: Sulphur (S) as sulphate 4.60 %w/w Magnesium (Mg) as sulphate 0.45 %w/w Iron (Fe) as sulphate 0.36 %w/w Zinc (Zn) as sulphate 0.08 %w/w Copper (CU) as sulphate 0.05 %w/w Manganese (Mn) as sulphate 0.08 %w/w Boron (B) 0.01 %w/w


In-Ground- place the tablet halfway up the side of root ball, near the root ball. Backfill and water in.

Young Trees 4-6 x 10 g Tablets

Matured Trees 16-20 x 10 g Tablets

In Pots - place the tablets beneath the surface towards the edge of pot.

Pots up to 150 mm 1 x 10 g Tablet

Pots 175 to 255 mm 2 x 10 g Tablets

Pots 300 to 400 mm 4 x 10 g Tablets

In Containers - place the tablets beneath the surface towards the edge of the container

10-litre bag 2 x 10 g Tablet.

20-litre bag 4-6 x 10 g Tablets.

45-litre bag 6-12 x 10 g Tablets.

SUITABLE for all types of plants where high Potassium feeding is required including Phosphorus sensitive varieties.

STORAGE - Troforte® has an exceptional shelf life and contains beneficial soil microbes that are activated when exposed to moisture. We recommend the storage of opened and unused fertiliser for a maximum of 11 months in a moisture-free environment to ensure best results upon application.

Apply at the beginning of every Spring and Autumn to maximize plant health and vigor.

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