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Hutch EP-125 & Run Extension Package


Hutch & Run Package - Includes both a Hutch Ensuite (EP-125) & Run (EP-190R). The run can also be used on its own if required.

EP-125 & Run Extension Package.

This package includes 2 items. Buy both items together and Save!

1. Rabbit Hutch EP-125 & 2. Run Extension EP-190R.

The run/extension included in this package can be used as a stand-alone run or with some very slight modifications can be used as an extension for the included rabbit hutch.

1. Run Extension - Main Features - 117.5 W x 140 D x 50 cm H

  • Strong and attractive black metal bars.
  • Very Spacious and high enough for poultry.
  • FREE 72 cm ramp included - Which is meant to allow for pets to travel between the hutch EP-125 and the run but can also be used for other purposes. Bar spacing is 23 mm.
  • Click on photos to see how this run can be used in conjunction with other hutches.
  • The large hinged top door allows for easy cleaning and access.

2. Rabbit Hutch - Main Features - 125 W x 61 D x 92 cm H.

Note - The width at the bottom of the hutch is 117cm to match the width of the run. The 125 cm width includes the roof overhang.

  • Extra Deep Size- 61 cm D - More space your pets will appreciate.
  • Timber coated with weatherproof varnish. Asphalt style roof provides insulation and protection from the elements.
  • The upstairs and downstairs can be separated by the closing door.
  • Attractive and durable metal pull out tray. For improved hygiene and easy cleaning.
  • Attractive gold coloured metal locks.
  • Strong coated metal bars help prevent rust.
  • Hinged roof for easy access.
  • Easy to assemble, no experience required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does the run itself have a wire floor or just the hutch in this package?

A. The run doesn't have a wire floor and neither does the hutch, however, a wire mesh floor for the bottom level is available as an optional extra for the hutch (see below)

Q. How do you connect the run and hutch? and how easy is it to detach the run from the hutch once installed?

A. This run is only laid in place (as seen in the photos) and is not fastened or attached to the hutch as such, therefore no detaching is needed after installation, simply pull apart to separate.

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