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Kazan Soda Sodium Bicarbonate (Feed Grade) 25kg View larger

Kazan Soda Sodium Bicarbonate FEED GRADE 25kg

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Sodium Bicarbonate is very multipurpose and its uses include: Adjusting pool PH levels, feedstuff additives, detergent, glass industry, foaming agents, water treatment, environment protection, purifying flue gas, animal feed etc.

Kazan Soda Elektrik Sodium Bicarbonate FEED GRADE 25kg

Sodium Bicarbonate is very multipurpose and it uses include adjusting pool PH levels, feedstuff additives, Detergent, Chemical industry, Foaming agents, Water treatment, Environment protection, Purifying flue gas, Animal feed etc.

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About Pool and Water Treatment:

Keeping your swimming pool and spa water in balance is important to the clarity, comfort and safety of your backyard oasis. The National Spa & Pool Institute (USA) suggests owners should maintain a pH of 7.4 to 7.6. Natural Soda helps maintain your pool at the proper pH and alkalinity level. Sodium bicarbonate can be an important agent in controlling pH and alkalinity in water treatment facilities as well.

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