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Solvay Bicar Sodium Bicarbonate (Food Grade) 25kg (DISC)

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Sodium Bicarbonate is very multipurpose and its uses include: Adjusting pool PH levels, food/feed stuff additives, detergent, glass industry, foaming agents, water treatment, environment protection, purifying flue gas, animal feed etc.

Solvay Bicar Sodium Bicarbonate 25kg (Food grade) (Food Additive)

Sodium Bicarbonate is very multipurpose and it uses include adjusting pool PH levels, Food/feedstuff additives, Detergent, Chemical industry, Foaming agents, Water treatment, Environment protection, Purifying flue gas, Animal feed etc.

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About Pool and Water Treatment:

Keeping your swimming pool and spa water in balance is important to the clarity, comfort and safety of your backyard oasis. The National Spa & Pool Institute (USA) suggests owners should maintain a pH of 7.4 to 7.6. Natural Soda helps maintain your pool at the proper pH and alkalinity level. Sodium bicarbonate can be an important agent in controlling pH and alkalinity in water treatment facilities as well.

Regarding Solvay Bicarb for Pools:

It regulates the pH. It keeps your bath towels fresh and absorbs smells. It reduces the pH to the optimum values. Solvay® sodium bicarbonate can be used to keep your swimming pool water clear. Its regular use helps you to stabilize the pH to an optimal value slightly alkaline. To keep your water clear and reduce eye irritation, regularly check its pH values and use disinfectants. As to dosage information, do not hesitate to ask your swimming pool reseller for advice.

About Solvay BICAR FOOD Sodium Bicarbonate:

In 1863, Ernest Solvay discovered a new process for manufacturing sodium carbonate using sea salt, ammonia and carbonic acid. This process produced sodium bicarbonate of high purity, which is used today in many fields: food, detergents, health and remediation. Over time, the group has grown and now Solvay, with a presence in 55 countries on five continents, is the world leader in sodium carbonate and bicarbonate with manufacturing plants in the United States and Europe. Throughout this brochure, you will discover the amazing properties of Solvay bicarbonate and the numerous services this miraculous product can offer you every day. Happy reading!

WHY THIS GUIDE? From food to detergent, Solvay® sodium bicarbonate or BICAR ® is an all-purpose product with a thousand uses. In this brochure, you will find the most common uses, dosages and advice that will provide users with a simple, natural and effective practical help, for some everyday situations.

WHAT IS THE COMPOSITION OF BICAR®? It contains only sodium bicarbonate, a white and extremely pure product. It is biodegradable and environmental friendly; it can be found in nature and plays a fundamental role in the human body. Its purity is a guarantee of its quality!

WHICH ARE THE PROPERTIES THAT MAKE IT SO EFFICIENT? It has a very particular molecular structure. It is thanks to this structure and its numerous properties that BICAR® is a human and environmentally friendly product.

A NATURAL BUFFER BICAR® is a so-called “buffer” – that means a substance that stabilises a solution’s pH level at around 8,1. This important characteristic allows BICAR® to be used in many applications: for instance, to diminish acidity in the stomach, thus avoiding acidosis, to prevent pipeline corrosion, to neutralise the venom of many insects (for example, mosquitoes), but also against acid fat residues.

A WATER SOFTENER The temporary hardness of water is determined by the quantity of calcium and magnesium ions that are present in water. Water hardness can be noticed easily by testing its capacity to rinse soap and cook vegetables. When BICAR® is dissolved in water, the calcium ions don’t separate into lime (calcium carbonate), thus avoiding lime deposits. In this way, the use of soap and detergent can be reduced.

A RAISING AGENT The raising ability of BICAR® is strictly linked to two other characteristics: • If BICAR® is added to an acid substance (e.g. milk, vinegar, lemon juice) it reacts by releasing CO2 (carbon dioxide). • CO2 is also released when Solvay® sodium bicarbonate is heated up to a temperature of over 70° C. The tiny CO2 bubbles, produced by the temperature, are incorporated into the elastic proteins contained in the flour (the gluten) and cause the pastry to rise, producing soft cakes and biscuits. Eventually, the CO2 will disappear from the pastry, leaving thousands of little holes. Thanks to this property, BICAR® can be used not only for industrial purposes such as the preparation of pastries and effervescent powders, but also at home in the preparation of many recipes.

AN EFFICIENT ODOUR ABSORBER Acid or basic substances produce many unpleasant odours. Being a buffer, Solvay® sodium bicarbonate reacts not only to prevent the development of such acids or bases, but also helps to remove odours that are present in the air, in confined spaces or are produced by the human body. BICAR®, unlike other products on the market, neutralises and eliminates odours, rather than masking them.

A SLIGHTLY ABRASIVE PRODUCT BICAR® is water-soluble. When in contact with water, its crystals dissolve before damaging the contact surfaces. Therefore, stained and dirty surfaces can be cleaned in a delicate way, without being scratched.

MSDS for Sodium Bicarbonate

MSDS for Sodium Bicarbonate Feed Grade

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Spec Sheet Sodium Bicarbonate

Specification Sheet for Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade

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Brochure on Sodium Bicarbonate

A detailed brochure on the uses of Solvay Bicar Sodium Bicarbonate

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