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Multicote 6 Month Controlled Release NPK Fertiliser

25 KG BAGS AVAILABLE! Releases nutrients at a rate that matches the plant requirements right throughout a season. ie releases more nutrients during warmer periods when plants need it and releases less during the colder periods.

Multicote 6 month Controlled Release Fertiliser.  NPK Rate = N18 – P3 – K10 + (Trace Elements)

Note: This item is repacked from a full 25kg and sold in clear bags. If multiple quantities are ordered they will be combined into one bag.

Multicote 6 Extra fertilizers consist of high-quality nutrients in granular form encapsulated in a polymeric coating. As soon as the granules come into contact with moisture in the medium, they begin to absorb water vapour through microscopic pores in the coating. This gradually dissolves the nutrient content, when then diffuses slowly and continuously into the root zone of the plant.

  • Slow-release over 6 months.
  • The insoluble polymer coating prevents rapid release of the fertiliser core. Instead, nutrients are released in a slow and gradual manner that more effectively meet plant needs.
  • The only factor affecting the release rate is soil temperature – as the temperature increased the release rate increases.

Directions For Use:

Multicote is applied to soil in a regular nutrition program for applicable crops and situations. Band and incorporate at planting or as a side-dress either alone or in a granular blend with other traditional fertilisers. The application rate may need to be varied with changes in plant size, canopy or crop load. A custom blending service is also available to blend multicote technology with traditional granular fertilisers for both fast and slow-release properties in a fertiliser program.

Situation: Horticultural Crops:

Application Rate (kg/ha): 50 – 1000 kg/ha.

Comments: Rates will vary for each situation. See your local agronomist for a prescribed nutrient budget to determine the optimum application rate for your specific purpose. In high rainfall and light soil environments, standard units of N and K may be reduced by up to 20% due to increased use efficiency with Multicote.

Situation: Nursery/Ornamental/ Pots/Containers:

Application Rate (kg/ha): 3 - 12 grams per litre of media.

Comments: Use the higher rate range for 12-month release products and the lower rate for the 4-month release products. For large pots/containers only consider the top half of media volume for calculations. For best results incorporate into the media

NOTE: The suggested rates of application are designed for typical use conditions and should be used as a guide only. Because climatic and soil conditions, application methods, irrigation and agricultural practices are beyond the control of Barmac and cannot be foreseen, Barmac accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any commercial damage, loss or other result following the use of this product whether used in accordance with directions or not, subject to any overriding statutory provision and provided that such liability under those provisions shall be limited to the replacement of the goods as supplied or the rendering again of the services that are provided. The buyer accepts and uses this product subject to these conditions.

About Multicote:

Multicote controlled-release granular fertiliser blends are designed for long season fruit and vegetable crops and ornamental/nursery situations. Multicote is designed to reduce nutrient losses from the farming/nursery system by releasing the nutrients over an extended period of time to better match the plant requirements. The soil type, water content, soil pH, and microbial activity do not affect the release rate of the fertiliser. Release is primarily controlled by soil temperature. Multicote technology specifically assists fertiliser management in high rainfall and light leachable soil environments allowing growers to use lower rates of fertiliser to achieve the same or greater yield returns whilst protecting the environment from nutrient loading.

Multicote Benefits:

• Provides controlled and more uniform nutrient release pattern to maximise crop growth over extended periods.

• Labour saving due to single application per season.

• Multicote can be blended with traditional granular fertiliser to achieve a custom blend with fast and slow-release properties.

• Nutrient release is not sensitive to excessive rainfall so ideal for high rainfall/irrigation environments.

• Enhanced nutrient use efficiency through more efficient crop uptake and reduced leaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Multicote 6 suitable for natives?

A. This version of Multicote is not suitable for natives since its too high in phosphorous. Please consider Trofote or Osmocote Low P as an alternative for natives.

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