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Times Up Multi-Catch Mouse Trap


Solid steel, self-setting mouse trap can catch up to 10 live mice. Ideal for areas with high mice infestations.

The Multi-Catch Mouse Trap from Times Up is machined from industrial strength galvanised steel to ensure years of reliable service. The clear inspection lid allows at a glance trap checks and it is hinged for easy cleaning and optional live release. The trap's unique low profile enables it to be sited beneath counters and pallets, as well as within shallow ceiling voids and cavities. Use the Multi-Catch Trap where conventional snap traps or poison baits may be a hazard, for example in kitchens, food stores or child and pet play areas. The unit is self-setting and can catch up to 10 mice at a time.

Main Features:

  • Machined from industrial strength galvanised steel to ensure years of reliable service.
  • Self-Setting.
  • Traps up to 10 mice in one setting.
  • Clear Inspection lit allows at a glance trap check.
  • Safe for use around children and pets.

Trapping Tips:

Position the Multi-Catch Mouse Trap in areas where mice are likely to travel as they move from hiding places to feeding sites, in particular by doorways and building entrances. Both entry ports of the trap should be adjacent to a wall or runaway, ensuring that mice can enter from either end of the unit. For best results concentrate raps in areas where gnawed openings or mouse droppings are evident. Block holes and passageways to force mice into the area where traps are sited. In areas of severe infestation, place the Multi-Catch Mouse Trap at 2 - 3metre intervals. To monitor a site, or prevent repeat infestations, place traps at 7 - 14metre intervals.

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