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Small Crickets : Pisces Live Food

Bulk Value Packs Avail! Pisces small crickets are lively food that will bring out the hunting instincts of captive animals whilst providing essential protein and roughage. Animal hormones and organophosphates free! See disclaimer on product page before ordering.

Disclaimer - We take all the measures possible to get crickets to our customers asap and in good condition, however, we accept no responsibility for insects that die during shipping. Please consider that the risk increases significantly for interstate or rural deliveries and during colder months where crickets will be in transit without heating. Crickets usually require heating during colder months. Extreme hot weather also increases the risk. Strictly no refunds for insects that arrive dead.

Interstate Orders / Rural Orders - For all orders outside of NSW (except Melbourne) or rural orders, we suggest selecting the Australia Post Express freight option when available, especially when it is very cold or hot, as the risk increases significantly during these times and quick delivery is best.

ORDERS WILL NOT BE SENT CLOSE TO WEEKENDS: Orders placed towards the end of the week may not be sent until the following week to avoid worms being stuck at a courier depot. 

Bulk Orders - Our Bulk cricket packs are special ordered every Monday morning so please have your order in by Saturday for delivery the following week. We also order mid-week sometimes but its best not to depend on this. Let us know in the comments section (when ordering) if it's urgent and we'll try to fast-track things if possible!

Australia's most popular Live food - Pisces Live Food Crickets.

Pisces crickets are lively food that will bring out the hunting instincts of captive animals whilst providing essential protein and roughage.

All Pisces insects are free of animal hormones and organophosphates.

Free Pisces Gutload Included - The " Original & Genuine " gutload.

Storage: To ensure your crickets have a source of moisture and nutrients, make sure you replace the carrot with a fresh piece as required.

The best storage temperature for the insects is between 18º C - 25º C.

Avoid exposure to poisonous fumes and cleaning supplies.

How to feed: Feed only enough that can be eaten immediately. Your free gutload should be fed to the insects before feeding to your pets.

Notes - The number of crickets per packet may vary significantly from the stated pack quantities. The stated pack quantities are just estimates.

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