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Molly Fish for Sale


Assorted Molly Fish For Sale - Click this item to see pricing. Call to confirm before purchase.

Item Updated : 20/3/13

Name: Assorted Molly Fish

Molly Types: We generally only stock short finned Mollies, but can order in Sailfin Mollies on request. Call store on 97475713 to request. Price may vary.

Price: $5 per each

About: Mollies are comparatively undemanding livebearers that are often kept by novice aquarists. There are two main forms of molly: the sailfin mollies and the short finned mollies. Short finned mollies are more commonly kept than sailfin mollies. Among the short finned mollies you will for instance find the extremely popular Black Molly and the Gold-dust Molly. 

Sailfin mollies can be distinguished from short finned mollies on their size and extravagant finnage. The sailfin molly will grow larger and can reach a length of 5 inches. It is also more sensitive and it needs a bigger aquarium. A sailfin molly should not be housed in anything smaller than 20 gallons, while a common short finned molly usually can do fine in a well kept 10 gallon aquarium.

Notes :

- Until Stocks last. Please call the enfield store on 97475713 to confirm availablity, price, and other details before visiting the store to purchase this item, as from time to time the information in this section may be dated or incorrect. 

- All photo's in this section are for promotion purposes only and are NOT the actual fish/pets for sale. The actual fish for sale may look significantly different or may even be a different breeds to the fish pictured here.

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