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Add An Extra Tray To Your Rat Cage Purchase (ONLY WITH RAT CAGE)

Add an extra matching tray to your rat cage purchase. An extra tray can come in handy when cleaning and replacing your pet's tray. The trays will be added to the rat cage box without increasing the freight cost. This item can only be purchased when it's ordered together with a rat cage. 

Add An Extra Tray To Your Rat Cage Purchase. 

When adding this item to your rat cage purchase we will add an additional matching tray to your rat cage.

Each rat cage comes with 1 tray, so this item will add extra trays.

An extra tray can be useful when it comes time to clean a dirty tray. Your pet will have a nice fresh tray to stand on while the old tray is being cleaned.

If your looking to buy just the trays alone please see another product below-called "Replacement Tray for Rat Cages"

Disclaimer: The item is only available when purchasing with a rat cage. Any orders placed without a rat cage will be cancelled.

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