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Double Storey Mouse Cage (TS-3673)


Double Storey Mouse Cage is very spacious at 58.4cm Long. Includes 5 free accessories. See note on selecting your preferred colour before ordering.

Double Storey Mouse Cage. Dimensions: 58.4L x 30.5W x 38 cm H.

A very spacious mouse cage suitable for many mice.

Package includes:

2 x Running wheels.

1 x Mouse house.

1 x Water bottle.

1 x Feeder cup.

This item comes flat packed and requires assembly but is easy to do.

Important note on available cage colours: This cage comes with a Green, Black or Blue base. Please specify your preferred colour or a random colour will be selected. (wire is always black).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the spacing between the bars? Is there a chance a mouse could slip through?

A. The bar spacing is about 5mm. This cage is made especially for mice so its unlikely that mice would be able to slip through. Adult mice should be fine but with baby mice, its best keep them in a plastic fish tank until they grow up.

Q. Would this cage be suitable for 2 rats?

A. Yes, this cage would be ok for up to 1 to 2 rats, however, please keep in mind that when using this cage for rats that they won't be able to use the included accessories like the little house or running wheel as they are too large for them. Therefore its suggested buying a small animal hut or two to give the rats a place to hide.

Q. Is the base of this cage metal or plastic? We are looking for a metal base as the mouse has chewed through the plastic base of its cage.

A. This cage has a plastic base. Metal cages for mice are very rare. Its also quite rare for mice to eat through plastic, so it's likely that it won't happen again especially with new mice.

Q. Is the top level of the cage detachable?

A. Yes, the top roof panel and all the internal ramps are removable?

Q. Does this mouse cage have a removable bottom tray?

A. This item does not have a removable tray.

Q. Is the wire section easily removable from the plastic base?

A. Yes, it's easily removable.

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This cage is awesome! Lots of room for toys, very spacious and sturdy. Would recommend this cage to anyone looking for a well made mouse cage that would comfortably fit 4-5 mice!

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