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Ferrets For Sale Sydney


Ferrets for Sale Sydney. We specialize in small animals like ferrets and can offer great support and advice for your new pet ferret. New ferrets will be posted on this page as they come in.

Store Address: 56 Coronation Pde Enfield NSW 2136. (Near Strathfield) PH (02) 97475713

Now Sold Out. Please contact us via the Direct Enquiry tab (above) to be put on our Ferret Email List and we will email you when more baby ferrets arrive in the next breeding season, in late December or early January.

Availability: The ferret breeding season is late December each year so that ferrets usually become available at around this time each year. However, occasionally baby ferrets do become available out of season but this is rare. Call to confirm before picking up.

Price: Around $100 - Price and availability can change without notice. Please call 02 97474713 before arriving in-store to confirm. All our pets are in-store pick up only.

Breeds: Varies.

Description: Super active. See the Enfield store for advice.

Ideal For: See the Enfield store for advice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How old are your ferrets when they arrive at the store?

A. They are usually around 8 weeks old.

Q. Are your ferrets desexed?

A. Our ferrets are not desexed but we can recommend Summer Hill Village Vet as a great local place to get this done. We take our pets there and they are excellent and very helpful.

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