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Rabbit Hutch On Short Legs 4 Foot (K102) (Disc)


Wire floor grate keeps hutch cleaner, stops rabbits digging out and gives them access to long grass if placed on the lawn.

Rabbit Hutch On Short Legs 4 Foot (K102)

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer please consider some other great hutch options below.

Another attractive Bonofido timber hutch with many great features in a convenient compact size. Wire floor grate gives rabbits or guinea pigs access to long grass.

4 Foot Hutch - BONO-K102

EXTERNAL 124 W x 49.5 D x (52.5 - 56.5 H)
INTERNAL : LIVING AREA 77.5 W x 42 D x (37 - 41 H)
INTERNAL : NESTING BOX 36 W x 41.5 D x (36 - 40 H)
FLOOR MESH SPACING 11 mm x 78 mm
SIDE MESH SPACING 24 mm x 94 mm

Main Features:

  • Wire mesh (black bars) floor gives your rabbit / s access to grass while preventing escape via digging.
  • Wire floor is removable for cleaning but cant really be used without it since pet would escape under the hutches legs.
  • Insulated asphalt style roof will keep pets cool and dry.
  • Hinged roof for very convenient cleaning and access.
  • Treated weather proof fir timber.
  • Extra thick, powder coated wire.
  • Rubber feet protect rabbit hutch legs from moisture damage.
  • Easy to assemble. No experience necessary.

Advantages Over Other Models On The Market:

  • Made by Bono Fido. Buy a hutch or coop that lasts ! A company well know for their quality who specialise in hutches, coops and kennels.
  • Hutch looks treated and well coloured. Others on the market appear not well treated, pale, almost raw timber like.
  • Thick coated bars and not the regular thin galvanised mesh found on some hutches. The black bars are more rust resistant and stronger.
  • Wire mesh floor on bottom level (ie thick coated bars). A very sought after feature yet very rare in rabbit hutches.

Frquently Asked Questions:

Q. Does this hutch come with a solid floor instead of a wire mesh floor?

A. This hutch only comes with a wire mesh floor, however to overcome this issue you could get a piece of thick plywood cut to measure at a hardware store to put over the top of the mesh floor.

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