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Durum Wheat 25kg Bag


A higher quality & harder wheat, suitable for poultry, pigeons, parrots and for use in heat packs. Wheat grains are especially popular for feeding to chickens and pigeons. SEE DISCLAIMER BEFORE ORDERING.

Durum Wheat 25kg. 

Disclaimer: This item is not usually kept in stock but ordered in on request. If you place an order it usually takes 3 to 7 days to get the stock in.

A higher quality hard wheat, suitable for poultry, pigeons, parrots and for use in heat packs. Wheat grains are very popular for feeding chickens and pigeons especially.

About Durum Wheat:

Durum in Latin means "hard", and the species is the hardest of all kinds of wheat. Its high protein content, as well as its strength, make durum good for special uses, the most well-known being pasta which in Italy is exclusively made from durum wheat. Durum wheat is used extensively in breadmaking. However, it is unusual in that, despite very high protein content, it is low in desirable gluten needed to form a glutinous web necessary for bread to rise. As a result, although 100 percent durum wheat breads do exist, such as pagnotte di Enna from Sicily, as well as others, in most instances bread doughs contain only a portion of durum wheat and are supplemented substantially with commercial white flours, often those higher in gluten necessary to offset the poor gluten contribution of durum flour.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this wheat good for wheatgrass?

A. Yes, this wheat If fine for growing wheatgrass.

Q. Is this Durum Wheat suitable for human consumption and for making flour?

A. We do have many customers who buy our Durum wheat for human consumption ie to make flour, bread and pasta etc. According to the manufacturer this Durum Wheat is not classified as human grade but sold as animal feed, even though the standard of wheat may be just as good as human grade.

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