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Aristopet Wormer for Poultry 125ml


An in-water medication for the treatment of large roundworm, caecal worm and hairworm in poultry including: chickens, ducks, turkeys, pheasants, quail, geese and other food producing birds.

Aristopet Wormer for Poultry 125ml (Formerly known as Worm-enda)

An in-water medication for the treatment of large roundworm, caecal worm and hairworm in poultry including: chickens, ducks, turkeys, pheasants, quail, geese and other food-producing birds.
Active Constituent: 8.48g / L Levamisole (Present as Levamisole Hydrochloride)
Directions for Use: The use of this product during extremely hot weather is contraindicated.
Dosage Rates:
Liveweight kg Amount of water to be added mL Dose mL (bottle dispenses 16 drops/ml
3 100 8
6 200 16
12 400 32
18 600 48
24 800 64
For each additional 3kg over 24kg, dispense an additional 8ml of product in 100mL water.
Withholding Period :
Meat: Do NOT use less then 7 days before slaughter for human consumption. Eggs : Nil
General Administration:
For maximum efficiency against worms, the drinking water medicated with Aristopet Worm-Enda Poultry Wormer must be consumed in the shortest possible time. Water should be withheld from the birds 2 hours before nightfall. The required amount of medicated water is then made available, so that the birds can start drinking it at daylight or when the lights are turned on. Replace the medicated water with fresh water as soon as it is all consumed or after 8 hours.
Treat broilers or other chickens raised under continous lighting by withholding drinking water for 1 hour in summer or 2 hours in winter and then give medicated water as above.
Medicated water remaining in any tanks or reservoir should should be flushed out with fresh water when the treatment is concluded.
For best results with medicated drinking water :
1. Administer Aristopet Worm-Enda Poultry Wormer in the drinkers that the birds are accustomed to using and check that all the drinkers are working properly.
2. Avoid treating on a day when normal water consumption of a flock might be reduced by a sudden drop in temperature
3. Aristopet Worm Enda Poultry Wormer will not affect the growth rate or egg production of the birds. Nor will it affect the fertility or the hatchability of eggs when used in accordance with directions on the bottle.
4. Always read and follow the directions of use on this items bottle before use.

Questions & Answers:

Q. Does this poultry wormer come in larger sizes, ideally 5 litres.

A. No, this item only comes in a 125ml size and in no other sizes.

Q. If I have approximately 30 chooks at different stages what rate should I use the wormenda wormer?

A. I have asked our resident expert and also called the manufacturer of worm-enda and they both said the same thing. You will need to separate your poultry into groups of similar size and worm each group separately. I have also tried to find a wormer that can be given orally but I haven't been able to find one suitable for egg layers.

Disclaimer: Please do not consider any information on this page or website as expert advice. Always seek expert advice before using any of our products or caring for any pets or plants. Always read and follow all instructions on the products label ahead of any other source of information.

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