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Vella Poultry Supreme Layer Pellets 18 kg DISC)


DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER & REPLACED BY SUPREME MACRO PELLETS (SEE BELOW). Premium poultry layer pellets with 16.5% protein to help facilitate egg laying in laying hens. Also ideal for breeding & show birds.

Vella Poultry Supreme Layer Pellets 18 kg

Poultry Supreme has been formulated to suit all breeds of layers from point of lay (18 - 20 weeks of age). A high protein crumble chicken feed that will help facilitate egg laying in poultry. Specially designed for laying hens

Ideal for Breeding & Show Birds - As a result of a high analysis, Poultry Supreme is not only well suited for those wishing quality egg production & stock health it is also well suited to those wishing to breed and show poultry stock.

Hot Tip: A high protein level in poultry feed is crucial in assisting poultry to lay more eggs. Most regular & cheaper layer pellets have an "As Fed" protein level of around 14 to 15%, but this premium feed tops them all at 16.5%.

Main Features:

  • Proteins - No urea, all protein in the form of true proteins sources.
  • High Energy / Analysis - For superior egg production and bird health. Well suited for young stock coming onto the point of lay and maintaining good growth.
  • Trace Mineral Premix - To assist in maintaining nutritional balance and layer health.
  • Short Cut Pellet - easier acceptance and intake by layers, especially bantams.
  • Clearly Identifiable Bags - Avoids using the wrong product.

Typical Analysis As Fed Dry Matter

  • Energy KCAL/kg 2500 2841
  • Protein (%) 16.50 18.75
  • Calcium (%) 3.45 3.92
  • Phosphorus (%) 0.48 0.55
  • Fibre (%) 5.38 6.11
  • Fat (%) 5.52 6.27

Notes: 1. Trace mineral premix added, for more detailed analysis please contact Vella Stock Feeds. 2. Only the 18 kg size is sent in its original packaging. The other sizes are repackaged and provided in clear plastic bags.

General tips about feeding poultry:

- Egg production rates will vary according to a range of external factors including bird age, housing, lighting, variable weather conditions, predators, inoculations and hygiene to name a few.

- Phase supplementary feeding both in and out gradually to help avoid set backs.

- Housing should be well vented but draft free.

- Ensure clean, cool water is accessible at all times.

- Feeders and waterers need to be easily accessible and cleaned of litter on a regular basis.

- Quarantine sick layers to prevent possible outbreaks.

- Dead layers need to be removed straight away and disposed of.

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