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Vella Poultry Supreme Crumble (Disc)

This product has been replaced by the manufacturer with poultry supreme macro pellets. See below! 

A premium poultry feed crumble with 16.5 % protein to help facilitate egg laying in laying hens. Also ideal for breeding & show birds.

Poultry Supreme has been formulated to suit all breeds of layers from point of lay (18 - 20 weeks of age). A high protein crumble chicken feed that will help facilitate egg laying in poultry. Specially designed for laying hens.

Note - This item comes in a clear bag only. Only the 18 kg size comes in the original packaging as pictured.

Ideal for Breeding & Show Birds - As a result of a high analysis, Poultry Supreme is not only well suited for those wishing quality egg production & stock health it is also well suited to those wishing to breed and show poultry stock.

Hot Tip: 1. Poultry feed crumble resembles the consistency of bread crumbs and includes much smaller pieces relative to layer pellets making them more appetizing to many poultry.

Hot Tip: 2. A high protein level in poultry feed is crucial in assisting poultry to lay more eggs. Most regular & cheaper layer pellets have an "As Fed" protein level of around 14 to 15%, but this premium feed tops them all at 16.5%.

Main Features:

  • Proteins - No urea, all protein in the form of true proteins sources.
  • High Energy / Analysis - For superior egg production and bird health. Well suited for young stock coming onto point of lay and maintaining good growth.
  • Trace Mineral Premix - To assist in maintaining nutritional balance and layer health.
  • Coarse Crumble - easier acceptance and intake by layers, especially bantams.

analysis please contact Vella Stock Feeds.

Typical Analysis As Fed / Dry Matter.

Energy KCAL / kg 2500 2841, Protein (%) 16.50 18.75, Calcium (%) 3.45 3.92,

Phosphorus (%) 0.48 0.55, Fibre (%) 5.38 6.11, Fat (%) 5.52 6.27.


  • Trace mineral premix added, for more detailed analysis please contact Vella Stock Feeds.
  • Only the 18 kg size is sent in its original packaging. The other sizes are repackaged and provided in clear plastic bags.

General Information:
- Growth rates will vary according to a range of external factors including housing, variable weather conditions, predators, disease, inoculations and hygiene to name a few.
- Phase supplementary feeding both in and out gradually to help avoid setbacks.
- Housing should be well vented but draught free.
- Ensure clean, cool water is accessible at all times.
- Feeders and waterers need to be easily accessible and cleaned of litter on a regular basis.
- Quarantine sick birds to prevent possible outbreaks.
- Dead birds need to be removed straight away and disposed of.

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