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Manutec Peat Moss 5 Litre


Manutec Sphagnum Peat Moss for mulching, soil conditioning and adding to potting mixes. An excellent moisture retainer, which improves sandy and heavy clay soils low in organic matter.

Manutec Peat Moss 5 Litre.

Peat Moss is a fibrous textured Sphagnum material that is an excellent moisture retainer, holding up to 10 times its own weight in water.

Ideal For: 

�  A soil conditioner. Improving both sandy and heavy clay soils low in organic matter.

�  For mulching. Recommended for potted and outdoor plants such as ferns, palms, roses, staghorns, tree ferns etc. Ideal for acid loving plants, i.e. azaleas, camellias, philodendrons, rhododendrons, gardenias etc.

�  Adding to potting mixes. Improving quality.

�  Making Propagation Mediums.

Directions for Use:

As Peat Moss is semi-dried before packaging, it should be dampened before mixing with other materials. To dampen the Peat Moss simply add water (about one cup per litre of moss), close the bag and shake vigorously for one to two minutes.

As a Soil Conditioner:

Apply a 5cm layer of Peat Moss and mix evenly into the top 10-15cm of soil. This will increase water holding cpacity and nutrient retention in sandy soils. In heavy clay soil: applications will assist root development and penetration. Also improving soil structure and drainage.

As a Mulch:

Apply a 5-7cm layer of Peat Moss around the root area of trees and shrubs to protect the soil from excessive water loss. This will aid in reducing watering frequency. Mulching also acts as a barrier minimising heat build up around shallow rooted plants> Peat moss can be used in the same way for container plants.

Making Potting Mix for Propagating:

Mix 4 parts Peat Moss, 1 part propagating sand and keep moist. acomplete N.P.K fertiliser shoudl be added at half recommended strength when raising seedlings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this item Sphagnum Moss or Peatmoss, as it seems to have both names in the title and i thought they were too different items?

A. This item is in fact Peat Moss and is comprised of decaying material harvested from Sphagnum bogs. It is the dead material underneath the living part of the plant and is dark brown or black in colour. The technical name for Peat Moss is actually Sphagnum Peat Moss. 

Sphagnum Moss on the other hand is the living part of the plant that dwells above ground and covers the Sphagnum bog. It is green or light brown in colour.

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