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Pea Straw Mulch 50 Litres - Martins (DISC)


Highly Recommended & Great Price! Chopped Pea Straw Mulch in a compressed bale. Covers up to 5 square metres. Save up to 50% on water. Provides plants with nutrients. Chopped for easy spreading.

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Martin's Chopped Pea Straw Mulch - Compressed Bale. Great New Discounted Price!

  • Covers up to 5 square metres.
  • Save up to 50% on water.
  • Provides plants with nutrients.
  • Chopped for easy spreading.
  • Reduces watering of indoor and outdoor pot plants.
  • Encourages earth worms.
  • Conserves soil moisture & prevents erosion.
  • Vastly reduces weeding.
  • Improves overall look of the garden.
  • Fungi & mould growing on organic products is a short term natural occurrence.
  • Proudly Australian owned.

For best results water plants before applying mulch.

Farmer Tom's Pea Straw Mulch benefits include;

  • The primary benefit of mulching is to spread on the surface around plants to retain moisture. Less watering means saving of time and high water bills - can be up to 50%.
  • During summer, mulching will keep ground cooler and more moist by absorbing water readily and deflecting heat.
  • By mulching the ground before extreme winter temperatures set in, the soil will retain heat and be protected from winds, low temperatures and frost.
  • Tedious weeding is eliminated as most weed seedlings can not emerge through mulch blanket.
  • After the mulch has largely decomposed it should be turned into the soil - with subsequent benefits.
  • Becoming an instant food source for earthworms whose castings provide natural nutrients - essential for strong healthy plants.
  • Creates a more friable soil structure for better water penetration and retention.

Directions for spreading.

  • Best spread in calm conditions.
  • Keep away from plant stem to discourage the spread of soil-borne fungal disease.
  • Water well after spreading, this assists in binding straw together to prevent blowing.
  • Watering will be reduced but check regularly under mulch for soil moisture.
  • This mulch is dampened when packed however, some dust may still be present. The wearing of a respirator and gloves is recommended and wash hands after use.

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