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Ezi-Wet Granulated Soil Soaker 10kg

EZI-WET gets the water right down to the roots where it’s needed. It can be used on gardens, on lawns, edibles and in pots. Ezi-Wet is approved under the national Smart Approved Watermark scheme and is WA Waterwise Approved giving you the assurance of great water savings.

Ezi-Wet Granulated Soil Soaker 10kg

The application of EZI-WET around the whole garden is easy. EZI-WET is available in both granular and liquids form. The granular formula can be spread everywhere by hand or spreader, making it easier to treat large areas of your garden quickly and effectively. The Liquid concentrate can be applied via watering can while all you have to do with the Ready-to-use Hose on is click onto the end of the hose and start spraying.


Richgro EZI-WET can be effective for up to 6 months when used as directed. For consistent optimum results, Richgro recommends the following applications:

Gardens and lawns: Spring & Summer: every 6-8 weeks or as needed Autumn & Winter: every 8-12 weeks or as needed

Pots and baskets: Apply twice a year at the start of Spring and at the start of Autumn.


GRANULAR (5kg and 10kg bag): Spread like a fertiliser and water in!

Gardens:50g per sq. metre.

Lawns:80g per sq. metre.

Potted plants/ Hanging baskets:

200mm container:6g per container.
250mm container:9g per container.
300mm container:18g per container.
400mm container:30g per container.
500mm container:60g per container.

LIQUIDS (1L concentrate and 2L Hose on ready to use):

1L Concentrate – Dilute 20mL of Ezi-Wet with 9 litres of water. Apply with a watering can; Richgro Ezi-Wet can be effective for up to 6 months when used as directed.

Gardens: 2L of diluted solution per square metre and water in well

Lawns: 3L of diluted solution per square metre and water in well

Potted plants/ Hanging baskets:Apply diluted EZI-WET to the pot or hanging basket until it drains from the bottom of the pot/basket.

2L Ready-to-Use – Follow the instructions on the pack to connect to your hose pipe. 2L treats up to 150 square metres.

Note for hose on application: When you turn tap B (anti-clockwise) to apply Ezi-Wet, ensure tap A is also on for water flow.

Refer to back of label for full instructions.

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