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Seasol Plus 5 Litre


Seasol Plus is a unique blend of Seasol, fish, humate and fulvate for use where soil condition and root activity are important.

Seasol Plus 5 Litre. A very convenient all in one product!

Seasol Plus is a natural growth stimulant and soil conditioner with a unique blend of Seasol, fish, humate and fulvate for use where soil condition and root activity are important.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improves plant establishment by stimulating root growth and reducing transplant shock.
  • Increases cell division, stimulating shoot growth, bud set, fruiting and flowering.
  • Chelates essential nutrients.
  • Increases resistance to adverse environmental conditions.
  • Enhances the sugar content in some fruits.
  • Seasol Plus can be used anytime during the growing.
  • Improves biological activity in the soil.
  • Improves soil structure, nutrient availability and moisture retention.
  • Seasol Plus contains virtually no nitrogen or phosphorous, so it is safe to use on all plants and will not harm the environment.

How it works:

The unique mixture of kelp, fish and humate in Seasol Plus work together to improve both the structure and biological activity of the soil. Seasol Plus achieves superior results (when used as part of a program) compared to inorganic fertilisers used on their own. It also creates optimum conditions for soil microbial activity and soil fertility, enhancing plant nutrient uptake and improving soil structure.

How to use it:

For use as a soil application via boom spray or irrigation. Seasol Plus is especially useful for soil improvement programs, during seed bed preparation, pasture renovation or when watering seedling in after transplanting. For optimum effectiveness, Seasol Plus should be applied to the soil at pre-planting and/ or before fertiliser application.

Usage Rates:

  • Domestic usage:

Apply with a watering can at the ratio of 1:400, ie 1 part Seasol Plus to 400 parts water.

For 1 litre of water add 2.5ml of Seasol Plus.

For 3 litres of water add 7.5ml of Seasol Plus.

For 5 litres of water add 12.5ml of Seasol Plus.

For 7 litres of water add 17.5ml of Seasol Plus.

For 9 litres of water add 22.5 ml of Seasol Plus.

  • Paddock usage:

Vegetables 4-6 L/ha Table and Wine Grapes 4-6 L/ha

Vines and Nuts 4-6 L/ha Stone Fruit and Olives 4-6 L/ha

Potatoes 4-6 L/ha Bananas 2.5-5 L/ha

Citrus 4-6 L/ha Turf and Lawns 1:250 solution

Pasture 4-6 L/ha Strawberries and Cut Flowers 1:1000 solution


Keep out of Reach of Children. NOT TO BE TAKEN. May irritate skin and eyes. Wash hands after use. As with all plant treatments, wash edible plants before eating. Use within 24 hours of mixing. The product should never be applied undiluted and once diluted should be used within 24 hours. Best practice requires that application be avoided under extreme weather conditions.

Disclaimer: Please do not consider any information on this page or website as expert advice. Always seek expert advice before using any of our products or caring for any pets or plants. Always read and follow all instructions on the products label ahead of any other source of information, even ahead of information on this page that may errors.

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