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Avitrol Plus Bird Worming Tablets 100 Tabs


Avitrol Plus Bird Worming Tablets with praziquantel for pigeons and caged birds over 250g in weight. Controls Thread, Caecal, Round, Gape, Gizzard and Tape Worms. Provide a secure method of dosing individual birds eg racing pigeons.

Avitrol Plus Bird Worming Tablets 100 Tabs (Praziquantel)

For pigeons and caged birds over 250 grams in bodyweight . Read directions before use.

Active constituents :  Levamisole hydrochloride 20mg, Praziquantel 4mg.

  • A convenient and broad spectrum bird wormer.
  • Controls Thread, Caecal, Round, Gape, Gizzard and Tape Worms in caged birds.
  • Provide a secure method of dosing individual birds (for example racing pigeons)

Actions: Anthelmintic. The major mode of action of Levamisole is on the cholinergic receptor of the neuromuscular junction, causing paralysis of the parasite. Levamisole has been shown to inhibit fumarate reductase and to affect the rate of incorporation of glucose into glycogen. Praziquantel is a highly specific cestocidal drug that acts by damaging the tegument, inhibiting glucose uptake and stimulating lactate release. Tapeworms are destroyed in situ. 
Indications: Threadworm (Capillaria sp.), caecal worm (Heterakis sp.), roundworm (Ascaridia sp.), gape worm (Syngamus sp.), gizzard worm (Acuaria sp.) and tapeworm (Raillietina sp.) in caged birds over 250g in bodyweight. 
Contraindications: Administration to species or strains of birds known to be sensitive to the effects of levamisole. 
Precautions: Parrots appear to be less tolerant than pigeons to levamisole. Do not dose in extremely hot, dry weather or treat stressed birds, or birds that are feeding young. Treatment during the breeding season or racing pigeons is not recommended. Vomiting may occur (see Adverse Reactions). To reduce the likelihood of vomiting, do not handle birds for at least ten minutes after treatment. If worm problems persist consult a veterinarian. 
Safety Directions: Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes/skin.Wash hands after use. 
First Aid: If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone 131 126. 
Disposal: Dispose of empty container by wrapping in paper and placing in garbage. 
Withholding Periods: Do not use in food producing species. 
Adverse Reactions: Side effects include regurgitation (which is not considered to be 
harmful), incoordination, leg and wing paresis; atropine has been used as an antidote. Deaths 
of birds up to two days after dosing have been attributed to obstruction from massive 
roundworm infestation. 
Dosage & Administration: Administer orally directly into the throat at the rate of Levamisole hydrochloride 40mg/Kg bodyweight and Praziquantel 8mg/Kg bodyweight, as follows. 
250 to 500g bodyweight. ½ tablet. 500 to 750g body weight. 1 tablet. 750g to 1Kg 
bodyweight. 1½ tablets. Do not feed Birds for 24 hours before or three hours after treatment. 
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