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D-TER Animal & Bird Repellent 4kg


D-TER effectively persuades pets and wildlife to stop fouling your home and garden. D-Ter acts on the senses of smell and taste of animals entering treated areas, repelling without harming them.

D-TER Animal & Bird Repellent. To repel birds & animals including dogs, cats, parrots, possums and rodents (as indicated in how to use table)

D-Ter effectively persuades pets and wildlife to stop fouling your home and garden. D-Ter acts on the senses of smell and taste of animals entering treated areas, repelling without harming them. In rare cases, it may take a few days to deter undesirable habits. After initial treatment repeat occasionally if necessary. Prevents damage to vegetables, fruit and plants.

How to Use: Do NOT apply if rain expected within 2 hours. Makes 2 Litres of spray. Important for full directions read enclosed leaflet before use.

Active Constituents:

997.3g / Kg Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate.

1.5g / Kg Sucrose Octa-Acetate.

0.1g / Kg Denatonium Benzoate.


A highly effective and proven animal and bird repellent, fully registered for use against all animals and birds.


It is a very safe product. It is not considered a poison and there is no withholding period. It is immediately effective once dried, has no unpleasant or revolting odour and can be sprayed almost indiscriminately.


D-TER should not be applied in bright sunshine on sensitive plants (e.g. ferns, primula etc.) to prevent any chance of scorching.


D-TER has been found to be effective in repelling all species of vertebrates against which it has been evaluated. Its mode of action is both scientific and clever. D-TER repels by creating a feeling within the creatures that the treated area is unsafe and threatening. This is reinforced when they quickly leave and the feeling disappears resulting in the development of a “learned aversion response”. The advantage of the development of this response is that not only are the creatures harmlessly repelled but the effect lasts far, far longer than the D-TER itself.


D-TER is generally dissolved in water and applied as a spray but can be used as a dust, for example as a seed dressing. It is important to note that after spraying D-TER, its effectiveness begins when it dries under normal conditions 1-2 hours. Published evidence from overseas and local experience suggests that generally D-TER, provided it has dried before dew or rain, can be expected to last for 8-12 weeks. It will usually survive light showers of rain with the effectiveness again returning when it dries. However, after consistent heavy rain, if the problem recommences, re-spraying is recommended.


Local and overseas experience (30 years) has shown to date no staining or untoward effect on paintwork metals or plastics. For indoor use on furniture or carpet for example, to prevent cat scratching or pet fouling first test spray on an unseen area (as a normal precaution) or alternatively spray on pieces of cloth. Allow to dry and pin or lay on affected areas.

NOTE: Please read and follow all the instructions provided with this item before use.

Mixing Instructions:

  • Mixing: Add 50 grams to 1 litre of warm water, mix thoroughly and allow to cool
  • Application: Use either a garden sprayer or watering can be fitted with a fine rose for overall treatments more water may be added provided that the required amount of product is used to cover the area stated.
  • Cleaning up: If a sprayer has been used, wash nozzle before material dries to prevent a subsequent blockage. 

How to use: Do not apply if rain expected within 2 hours to ensure dry time.

Area Pest Rate How to Apply

Lawns, flower and vegetable beds, paths,
drives, paved or concrete areas, patios, outdoor furniture,
shop fronts, around trees, fences and walls.


50g per litre of
water over 30m2

before applying remove any animal droppings and thoroughly wash down with disinfectants to remove any. A second spray after 2-3 days may be necessary in persistent cases ( typically cats ). After initial treatment repeat occasionally. 
Vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, seedlings. Birds 50g per litre of water Spray flower buds and fruit prior to showing colour, otherwise apply at first sign of attack or damage. Apply as a cover spray. Repeat as necessary to protect new growth. 
Buildings, fences Birds 50g per litre of water over 60m2 To discourage nesting and roosting. Clean up and thoroughly spray all affected areas.
Herbs, fruit trees, ornamentals, seedlings Rabbits
and other
50g per litre of water over 60m2. Small plants, roses - apply as an overall spray thoroughly wetting foliage. Trees and shrubs - apply to parts of stem and trunk liable to damage. Large areas - apply 2m strip around the area and several bands within.
Stored crops and seeds.  Rats
50g per litre of water over 30m2

Stacks or heaps - apply to the outer area before covering.
Sacks - ensure sacks are securely closed - apply after stacking.

Seed, lawn seed, bulb and corn dressing



Dust thoroughly with powder Treat just prior to sowing. 

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