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Chalet Dog Kennels (Pet One) - Small


An attractive and traditional premium Pet One dog kennel that offers plenty of headroom, which is great for taller dogs

Chalet Dog Kennels (Pet One) - Small.

An attractive and traditional timber kennel. This kennel has a strong and durable asphalt style roof which offers great insulation from the sun and rain. Weather proof treated timber and removable timber floor allows easy cleaning and are but two of its many features.

Sizes Guide (cm)

Small Size Kennel - KON-55560 - External 72 W x 76 D x 74 H

Medium Size Kennel - KON-55561 - External 78 W x 88 D x 81 H

Large Size Kennel - KON-55562 - External 84 W x 101 D x 86.5 H

XL Size Kennel - KON-55563 - External 96 W x 112 D x 105 H

This kennel has a matching (removable) Insulation Kit for extra protection during the winter cold. See bottom of the page for more details.

Save on Freight: This kennel is under 25kg and therefore can be sent with the "courier f" freight option if required.

Main Features:

  • Buy a dog Kennel that lasts . Made by KONGS AUSTRALIA. With many years of experience in the pet industry. One of the biggest pet companies in the world and renown for their quality brands like PET ONE.
  • Weather proof treated timber. Water Proof and UV proof
  • Classic asphalt roof provides maximum protection against heat and rain
  • Floor is divided in 2 pieces and is easily removable by lifting allowing easy cleaning
  • Pointed roof shape provides more height then width for taller dogs. (roof does NOT open up)
  • Can be put together easily with no experience needed. Only a screw driver required.
  • Front eave protects dog from rain.
  • Detachable door flaps to keep insects away in summer and to retain heat in winter
  • Even though all our outdoor timber enclosures are weatherproof, in the long-term it is still recommend that a yearly coat of animal friendly wood protection coating be applied to preserve the enclosure in its original condition.

Note: This kennel does not seem to have any mats or futons from our range that would fit nicely inside. This kennel has a somewhat square floor base where as most of our mats are rectangular in shape.


Small Size Kennel - KON-55560

EXTERNAL 72 W x 76 D x 74 H

INTERNAL 56.5 W x 56 D x (34 to 60 H)

FRONT DOOR 24 W x (31 to 34 H)

Medium Size Kennel - KON-55561

EXTERNAL 78 W x 88 D x 81 H

INTERNAL 61.5 W x 68 D x (34 to 66 H)

FRONT DOOR 31.5 W x (35 to 40 H)

Large Size Kennel - KON-55562

EXTERNAL 84 W x 101 D x 86.5 H

INTERNAL 65.5 W x 81.5 D x (37 x 71.5 H)

FRONT DOOR 33 W x (49 to 55 H

Extra Large Size Kennel - KON-55563

EXTERNAL 96 W x 112 D x105 H

INTERNAL 75 W x 88 D x(53 to 88.5 H)

FRONT DOOR 38 W x (49 to 55 H)

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