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Grey Stripe Sunflower Bird Seed

Is lower in oil and fat when compared to black sunflower. This can be beneficial especially for inactive or caged parrots.

Grey Stripe Sunflower Bird Seed. The 1, 2, 3, 5 & 10 kg packs are bagged in clear plastic bags.

WA customers: Please check quarantine restrictions in your area as quarantine may not allow this item into your state or may require you to pay a very high fee to allow it through to WA. Order at own risk.

Grey stripe Sunflower is lower in oil and fat when compared to black sunflower and is a better sunflower seed for inactive or caged parrots.

Sunflower Helianthus Annuus: Wild sunflower is native to North America and was first cultivate around 3000 BC. It may have pre-dated corn as an Indian crop and was widely used for food and medicinal purposes. The Spanish took the seed to Europe around 1500 to show off as an ornamental plant. By the 18th century, sunflowers were produced on a commercial scale for crushing, particularly in Russia where Peter the Great is credited with promoting the crop. Russia was the world leader in production and breeding for many years. It is believed Russian migrants returned the crop to its homeland in the US in the 19th Century and it was there during the 1970's that, seed companies began to produce hybrid seeds which produce higher yields, oil content and resistance to disease.

Sunflower as Birdseed: Birdseed varieties usually have a lower oil content, about 30 to 35%, owing to a higher proportion of hull to kernel. The seed is grey/black and white striped and should be plump and well filled. Because birdseed sunflower demand is much lower than for oilseed, plantings are again often irregular and speculative and the price and quality can fluctuate dramatically. Birds love sunflower as they are full of fat. Some bird owners think that black sunflower is harmful to birds while grey stripe is ok. This isn't correct, black sunflower is simply more oily and fatty. Both types of sunflower are unhealthy if they for a large part of a bird's diet.

Little Known Fact: The seeds in the sunflower head follow a remarkable spiral pattern. This allows them to be packed into the head in the most efficient way. The seeds nestle against each other at the "golden angle" 137.5 degrees and head off in left and right spirals the number of which are Fibonacci numbers.

Disclaimer: Buying in 25kg or 24kg increments is often the cheapest way to freight parcels especially to the metro areas of large cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc so we have given you a 25kg (15kg + 10kg) or 50kg (15kg +10 kg + 15kg + 10kg) options so you can get the best value freight possible. We buy this item in 15kg bags and repackage the other sizes from these.

Q. Is this sunflower suitable for planting?

A. Yes, it is suitable and we have many customers who do use this seed for planting however its important to remember that this seed is not specifically produced for planting and will likely have a lower germination rate then planting seeds sold in small packets by companies like Yates, Fothergills etc.

Q. Would you know if the sunflower seeds you sell have been sprayed with chemicals or fungicides?

A. Our supplier does not know if the sunflower seeds they sell have been sprayed or not but they assume that it most likely has been sprayed with something, since most produce is sprayed. The only way that you can be certain that the seed has not been sprayed is to buy certified organic seeds which are quite expensive.

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