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Oz Pet Sieve Tray Only (Top Half)

Oz Pet Sieve Tray Only - Top Sieve Only. Online Only. See Colour Availability Disclaimer before ordering.

Oz Pet Sieve Tray Only - Top Sieve Only. Online only Item!

Disclaimer: This is not a complete and functional litter tray. It is only the top sieve section. You will still need the bottom catchment to make a complete and functional tray. If you are looking for a complete oz pet tray please consider the "Oz Pet Sieve Litter Tray" or "Oz Pet Compatible Litter Tray". See below.

Colour Availability Disclaimer: These trays come in various colours including beige, charcoal, maroon or mocha. Please note that by default a random colour will be selected unless you specify a preference. Please mention your prefered colour in the comments section when ordering.

Sieve Tray Only: (Internal)  Length = 41.5cm (at bottom) 44.7cm (at top)

                                             Width   = 31.5cm (at bottom) 34.1cm (at top)

                                             Height  = 16cm (at highest) 14.7 (at lowest)      

Instructions for Use

The Oz Pet litter tray is designed specifically for use with Oz Pet wood litter. The tray is made up of two parts, with the top section used as a sieve. When Oz Pet is wet, it breaks down into smaller particles, which then fall through into the bottom tray when shaken once or twice a day.



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