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Times Up Sonic Pest Repeller


Repells mice and rats by emitting a continuous output of over 100 dB, at frequencies too high for people, cats and dogs to hearPlugs into any wall outlet.


This Item is an online only product.  Other alternatives may be available in-store.

Time's Up Sonic Pest Repeller produces powerful ultrasonic waves to help prevent mice and rats from infesting homes, sheds, and garages. The ultrasound produced is inaudible to humans and safe to use around children as well as cats and dogs. Repels mice and rats by emitting a continuous output of over 100 dB, at frequencies too high for people, cats and dogs to hear. Plugs into any wall outlet.

Directions for Use:

Plug into a standard socket wherever there is evidence of rodent activity. Ensure unit is unobstructed by furniture, curtains, etc. Use one unit per 37 square metres or in each room area affected. For larger or irregular shaped rooms use multiple units.


Do not use around rodent pets such as gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Suitable for 240 Volt power outlet. Never plug into a power inverter. Use AC power outlets only. For indoor use only.

- Part of the premium "Time's Up" pest control range. Click here for the full range.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this sonic repeller safe to use near birds?

A. According to the manufacturer: "Unfortunately, I don't have any data on specific non targeted animals. The best I can tell you is that it is safe for cats, dogs and people (including children). Although, from my experience, I have never heard any complaints about birds becoming irritated around the sonic repellers and customers often use them in aviaries. I would advise your customer to keep an eye out for any change in behaviour from the bird when using the repeller and if the bird is showing signs of discomfort to stop using it. Remember the repeller cannot do any physical harm to a bird (or rodent for that matter), it is simply an irritating noise designed to make rodents look elsewhere for food/shelter"

Furthermore, I have seen other sonic repellers on the market that are listed as being safe around birds, but I'm not certain if this repeller uses the exact same frequency.

Q. Your website product page for the Sonic Pest Controller says that they "shouldn't be plugged into a power inverter". Why would this be?

A. I got this answer from the manufacturer: 

"We use the "power inverter" caution due to the potentially significant +/- variations in input voltage that can arise when a power inverter is used. In cases where solar power is generated within a home, the power source would still usually be a mains socket powered from the grid i.e. the exported electricity is independent of that purchased. If this is the case, the warning does not apply 

If not or if your household experiences notable variations in input voltage, it is preferable not to use this product."

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