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PROTECTOR ONLY For Easy Catch Insect Glue Trap

Disclaimer: This item does not include any traps but the protector/holder only. Traps must be purchased separately in order to use this item.

Protector to use be in conjunction with Easy Catch Insect Glue Traps. Helps prevent animals or debris like leaves from getting stuck to the glue trap. 

PROTECTOR ONLY For Easy Catch Insect Glue Trap. 

Information From the back of the product packet: (Traps need to be purchased separately in order to use these protectors)

As the glue trap attracts and kills insects it can also come in contact with birds while trying to feed off the trap. Even though the trap does not contain any poisons the bird can still get stuck to the trap. So our company has found a solution by designing these protectors that will not only keep our loved birds safe but also protect our glue traps from harsh environments such as dirt and leaves.

Directions of Use:

1. Simply open the protector.

2. Open one glue trap and place it inside the protector and close the trap, press firmly down all over the trap to lock in and secure the trap.

3. Hang the protected trap above the planted areas using string or twist ties. Place approx 2 meters apart.

4. Replace trap in approx. 6-10 weeks or when the trap is full, by simply opening the protector and pulling away the trap and throwing it in with your ordinary household waste.

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