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NeemGreen Garden Spray 750ml

A fabulous foliar spray for all fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, plants and lawns without harm to animals. 100% Organic and Biodegradable. Neem seed oil is also known for repelling insects.

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The NeemGreen Garden Spray is a fabulous foliar spray without harm to butterflies, bees, lady beetles, earthworms or birds. Non-toxic to animals or human. Organic neem seed oil is a wonderful plant fertiliser creating strong, vibrant growth. A dream spray for home gardeners, horticulturists and organic farmers. Neem seed oil is also known for repelling insects.

Explore the natural power of NEEM

Directions for use: Shake well and spray both sides of leaves either early morning or late evening to avoid smothering beneficial insects. Fabulous for roses, orchids, flowers, all vegetable hydroponics, indoor and outdoor plants, fruit and nut trees and lawns. Reapply after rain. 

Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Neem Seed Oil & Natural Emulsifier.

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