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Ausgro Orchid Bark Nuggets 50 Litre (Biogro)

Ausgro Orchid Bark includes 100% renewable Australian pine bark nuggets of a uniform size for the enthusiasts who prefer to prepare their own blend of orchid growing medium. Also great as a stand-alone medium.

Ausgro Orchid Bark Nuggets 50 Litre (Biogro)

Premium composted bark of a uniform size for the enthusiasts who prefer to prepare their own blend of orchid growing medium. Produced from 100% renewable Australian radiata pine bark and stockpiled for 12 months prior to processing, very popular with professional growers and enthusiasts who demand a consistent and quality product


  • 100% natural, organic and renewable Australian resource
  • Uniform grade and product characteristics
  • Composted material alive with beneficial microorganisms that resist pathogens and promote healthier roots
  • Versatile for a variety of orchid species

Ingredients: Composted Australian pine bark

Use it for:

  • Available in four grades to suit the ideal orchid and container size.
  • Can be utilised for potting and re-potting.

               Nugget Sizes                                                                         Size Guide:
Ausgro 5 to 8mm Orchid Nuggets (mini)  -  Ideal for seedlings while providing good drainage for developing plants.
Ausgro 10mm Orchid Nuggets (small)     -  Ideal for Cymbidiums, Paphiopedilum, Miltonia, Zygopetalum, Odentoglossum, Lycaste,                                                                                                 Australian Dendrobiums and Sarcochilus in small pots

Ausgro 15mm Orchid Nuggets (medium) -  The ideal grade for Cymbidium orchids into 270mm pots. Also an excellent choice for mature                                                                                        Cattleyas andPhalaenopsis in large pots. Ideal for Cymbidiums, Paphiopedilum, Miltonia,                                                                                                    Zygopetalum, Odentoglossum, Lycaste, Australian Dendrobiums and Sarcochilus.

Ausgro 20mm Orchid Nuggets (large)     -  Ideal for mature Catleyas and Phalaenopsis in large pots.

For more information on how to potting orchids, see this Ausgro Orchid Product Guide PDF.

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